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The killing of journalists in the CARS in Russia have put forward an unexpected version

Убийство журналистов в ЦАР: в России выдвинули неожиданную версиюThree Russian journalists were shot in the Central African Republic during the attempted robbery, according to investigators.

Russia’s investigative Committee on Friday, January 11, announced details of the murder of Russian journalists in the Central African Republic in July last year. As stated by the official representative of SK Svetlana Petrenko, they were killed during the attempted robbery.

“At a distance of 23 kilometers from the city of sibut close to the village of Kpak, the car was stopped by a group of armed people of the Negroid race, speak Arabic,” she explained.

Petrenko added that at night, even military patrols refrain from moving around the country because of the numerous bandit groups.

The assailants ordered everyone to get out of the car and demanded for money, photo and video equipment.

“After refusing and resisting an unidentified person shot of Russian citizens. The driver took advantage of the fact that the attackers are distracted, and the car left the scene,” – said the representative office.

According to her, the driver of the relationship to the gendarmerie had. “From the testimony of the driver of Domokna Bienvenu, interrogated with the participation of Russian investigators that he met with journalists in the evening on the day of their arrival in one of cafe of the city of Bangui. Because he speaks English and has a truck, SUV, journalists asked him to accompany them on trips around the country… the Driver of any relationship to the gendarmerie does not have”, – said Petrenko.

In addition, she claims that the murdered journalists were promised for the documentary 20 thousand dollars.

“Available to the investigation materials indicate that members of the Internet project management center of the investigation suggested that the Russian journalists for a cash consideration of $ 20 thousand dollars to make a documentary on the Central African Republic, one of the ten most dangerous countries in the world. In spite of this, any protection of the journalists were not provided, they arrived in the Central African Republic on tourist visas and did not pass accreditation,” she said.

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