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The Kharkiv police patrol opened high-profile detail

Харьковское ДТП: патрульная раскрыла громкую деталь Patrol live explained the situation with opiates detected in the blood of Zaitseva.

A female police officer from patrol, who first arrived on the scene a fatal accident in the Kharkiv, Sumy, was a longtime friend of the family of the suspect in the accident, Elena Zaitseva. This loud detail revealed in live talk show “Says Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine”.

So, in her own words, she previously worked at the stepfather of the suspect.

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Also, speaking about their family, the police not once mentions the details of the accident a decade ago that Elena Zaitseva has got together with the mother.

The woman also said that she, along with the health professional was present at delivery Zaitseva analyses. However, she explained the situation with opiates. According to her, Elena for many years taking strong painkillers due to constant headaches.

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This was accompanied by a police post in the jail and was constantly around.

Netizens immediately expressed their outrage revealed fact. They left their comments on the website of the respective TV programs.

Харьковское ДТП: патрульная раскрыла громкую деталь

Earlier police described the first conversation with Elena Zaitseva immediately after the accident.

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