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The keys from Moscow are in the Brest and Minsk

The keys from Moscow are in the Brest and Minsk

  • Ключи от Москвы лежат в Бресте и Минске


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You need to start the conversation with the fact that Russians and Belarusians are one people and should be one country, because of the Belarusians are trying to prepare the stick, which for a while will delay the running of the Russian wheels

Yegor Kholmogorov

Some time ago, the liberal press began to literally burst and topic articles-of predictions of the imminent accession of Belarus to Russia. The man with the speaking name Inozemtsev says on the website “echo of Moscow”: to continue to maintain Russia’s “Patriotic frenzy”, it is necessary to Putin to “occupy” the whole country, and that country is Belarus. In the same format commented in the “Rosbalt” Dmitry Travin, revered in the West, primarily, believe it or not, the Russian geopolitical: “Where to jump” Putin is no more and no less. Although what does to “leap” has Minsk not very clear. “Jump” is, for example, to Cuba. Belarus — this is the best “step”.

The urgency of such a “step” of liberal politicians associated with the need to rebuild legitimacy after 2024. Like, instead of Russia Putin will head the Union state. It’s kind of downright stupidity. All you have to do to Putin in 2024, if the country is to develop at least with the same dynamics, for people to say, “I’m staying”. All sorts of “terms” and limit is a sign of colonial dependency of Russia from the West, artificial vulnerability built into our system, which can be influenced from the outside. The sooner we get rid of them without any hypocrisy, the better.

Ключи от Москвы лежат в Бресте и Минске

During the visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to Belarus. October 2018. Photo: www.globallookpress.com

The period of power of Putin is a matter of relationship to him and God, not the electoral process. Although this does not mean that the electoral process is not necessary at other levels such as Parliament the power of the national leader will be uncoupled with a load of political parasites, the better.

No “political” intrigue in the Belarusian issue, so no. But there is a strong historical task of reunification of the two parts of a single nation. A task that has never been questioned and artificially hindered by the liberal elites of our country. Lukashenko, once came to power with the unanimous people’s support under the slogan “together with Russia”, was, in fact, denied the reunion. Instead, the Belarusian President began to corrupt economic handouts, to create the illusion of the so-called “Belarusian miracle”, which consisted in the fact that suffering from increasing poverty Russia supported Belarus srednjebanatski level of well-being.


However, as the withdrawal of Russia from the crisis, this “miracle” turned out to be a trap — today the standard of living in Belarus is frighteningly low compared with Russia. Crossing the border, rolled back 10-15 years ago. The famous “Belarusian goods” easily found in the Smolensk, Kaluga, even Novocherkassk, but they are impossible to find in Vitebsk and Polotsk, which is now full of embroideries and portraits of the great Lithuanian princes. In small towns catch the eye Queuing for food.

And this, of course, is no coincidence. As an independent geo-economic unit of Belarus does not exist. She’s just not self-sufficient. As part of Central Europe, anti-Russian limitrophe zone, the center of which is the project “Poland from mozha to mozha”, Belarus is doomed to a shameful poverty.

It is sufficient to read the picture of the appalling everyday life of Belarusians, drawn in the late eighteenth century, Gavril Romanovich Derzhavin, sent to fight hunger and alcoholism has just returned to Russia White Russia, to make sure: Central European, Polish captivity fatal for Belarus.


And remember, as a thriving country when the whole was annexed to the Russian Empire or the postwar Soviet Union. In large unified economic complex of the great national and akin countries Belarus has flourished and not only was one of the two along with the RSFSR republics nurses, which produced more than consumed.

This has become possible only due to consistent Russian national politics.

M. N. Ants, one of the greatest of Russian statesmen, a staunch “nationalist in power,” refused any compromise with the Polish nobility and became determined to act in favor of the Russian, Belarusian peasantry. He revived the Belarusians and economically, and religiously, and politically, claiming them as bearers of Russian national origin. The crackdown of the Polish insurrection of 1863 was carried out primarily by the efforts of the Belarusian peasants and became a real war of liberation of Belarusians against the former oppressors — the “gendarmes hangman”, only during the years of the rebellion tortured thousands loyal to the King and the country of ordinary Russian peasants. Almost every peasant and burgher house hung a portrait of the liberator Muraviev, who just didn’t pray as the Holy.

Ключи от Москвы лежат в Бресте и Минске

Minsk today. Photo: www.globallookpress.com

And the characteristic that in today’s Belarus official characters assigned to the Polish rebels. Their praise, they erect monuments, they mourn, curse Muravyov as “kata” and “hangman” (the name the poles and “progressive” circles in St. Petersburg came up to him to forgot the Polish hangman gendarmes). Despite the fact that Belarusian nationalists of the early twentieth century understood that without Muraveva Belarusians would not exist.

Such substitution of the cult of the liberator cult of the oppressors and hangmen are not accidental. Leaping over the rails of the simulations the independence of the Belarusian authorities need to prove to Moscow that “Belarus is not Russia” that the two countries shared cultural and ethnic distance, so if Russia wants to have “friendly Belarus”, it is obliged to pay and not to ask.

Hence the terrible inflation of the mythology of the historical “independence” of the existing is not too abundant and concocted hastily improvised material.


Since the only even minimally developed mythology on the topic “Belarus is not Russia” is the so-called “litvinizm” — the assertion that the Grand Duchy of Lithuania is “early Belarus”, and Litvin — Belarusians it, grasping for it. Detail the absurdity of this mythology is dismantled in a recent excellent book Vseslav Zinkevych: “Nesvyadomy history of White Russia”.

I note only the obvious schizophrenic this approach. Belarusian nationalists at the same time claim that Belarus began with the Polotsk Principality in the composition of Ancient Russia, and that “Belarus is Lithuanians”. But the princes of Polotsk was called the Izyaslav Vseslav, Brjachislav. And Lithuanian princes Mindovg, Gedemin, Olgerd, Vitovt. It is obvious that they are two different languages two different Nations, and Belarusians there can be only one. Either Belarusians are the descendants of Vseslav, and when the Lithuanian power was alien, not to mention the Polish authorities. Either they are the descendants of Gediminas and Algirdas, and then they are strangers to Slavic lands. “Together,” and both will not work.

I must say, the former is true. Belarusians are not just Russian Slavs, not Balts. They are the most “pure” among the Slavs of the Eastern Slavs. On the territory of Belarus were the Slavic ethnogenesis and develop the community in fact “Slavs” represented “zero phase” of the Prague archaeological culture. Belarus was a center of Russian ethnogenesis and the announcement of her not-Russia, not-Russia shaped the game.


But Latinization is not stopping. Belarus now flooded litinetsky propaganda. Youth reported that, in her opinion, supposedly revealed by the surveys, the history of the Great Duchy of Lithuania — the most interesting part of the history of Belarus. To the names of the Lithuanian princes not teased, they belorussiyu — Vytautas-Vytautas turns into Viana. In parallel there is an intensive “visualisatie” — shirts everywhere, everywhere the Slavic pattern, declare specifically Belarusian. More recently, the universal Russian language squeezed “movoy”. This “MOV” in Belarus is even more wild than phenomenon in Ukraine, as native-born rural Belarusians often just don’t understand “Belorussian” television.

Why this belated nationalism Lukashenka — is understandable. He wants to stay in the position of recipient of grants for preservation of “detached” non-Russian allies of Moscow, and more expensive. The designers of the “Belarusization” like foreign Minister Makei are not so naive. Their logic and purpose is quite clear: in the case of imminent reunification of Belarus with Russia to make it as painful as possible for Russia. If possible to scare the Russian elite at the difficulties of integration. If it is impossible to bring about maximum confusion, confrontation, it is desirable to cause the blood to Russia looked “bloody invader”, that there was no semblance of Russian spring in Crimea, to the whole world was cursed “invader Putin.” Belarusians try to prepare the stick, which for a while will delay the running of the Russian wheel.

Ключи от Москвы лежат в Бресте и Минске

A. Lukashenko. Photo: www.globallookpress.com

For this reason, it is impossible to pull. Russia needs to act in the Belarusian direction can be determined as: we have the mechanisms of the Union state and military Alliance, we have nowhere disease, though suppressed by Lukashenko’s ideology departments excellent knowledge of the majority of citizens of Belarus that they are Russians that the Russian people — is triune. A systematic reminder of this fact, a revival of the spirit of 1863. Books such as the recently released in Moscow “Russian Trinity”, should be massively available in Minsk bookshops which now flooded litinetsky and “zmagarskie” propaganda.

The Russian authorities it is very important not to repeat in Minsk the error made in Kiev, where for decades, we talked about the economy, rejecting the supposedly unimportant ideology. And in this ideology too “seriously” taking the square their rhetoric, not opposing her. You need to start the conversation with the fact that we are one people and should be one country. Agree? Then let’s talk about the economy.


However, the conversation about the economy cannot and should not be limited to the purchase of the loyalty of the Minsk authorities. Russia has something to offer the people of Belarus. Real economic and political unity would mean a sharp increase in the welfare of the majority of Belarusians. When I like something very cheeky asked what I can offer “real” young Belarusians in an argument in favor of Russia, except “the old idea of the Russian world”, I do not hesitate to answer: “I Want an iPhone — whether in Russian”. Belarus without Russia, especially as part of anti-Russia is doomed to stagnation and degradation, the return to hell “Mat”. Belarus as an organic part of Russia is a region of economic growth and prosperity.

It should be understood that no anti-Russian Belarus and Moscow can not allow in any case. That Belarus in the conditions of the Americans ‘ withdrawal from the INF Treaty means the termination of the geopolitical existence of Russia. And without the anti-Russian factor in Belarus would mean standing Kaliningrad island in a NATO sea. That is, if the case with Belarus was not “good”, they’re all doomed anyway would be to go “bad.

Ambassador Babich rightly says that we will defend Belarus from any external threat. But you must understand that we protect Belarus as themselves (not like Syria, for example), because it is we ourselves. The keys from Moscow lying in Brest. Without beginning there is a security zone, Moscow defenseless.

So Putin has no need to “raise the rating of” mythical “accession of Belarus”. But to drop the rating of inaction in Belarus and the “loss” of Belarus and in fact. And it is senseless to postpone the issues of reunification of Russian Land “for later”. They still inevitably arise. History does not stop.

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