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“The key to the stability of Putinism in the ignorance and indifference of the majority”

"Залог стабильности путинизма в незнании и равнодушии большинства"

“70% of Russians heard nothing about the Moscow business” (Levada). I have a good friend from the world of sport, the coach himself, sometimes run together, I share the scraps of his reality, and he wonders: what is the e center? Who is Egor Zhukov, it is necessary to go to court? What is prigozhinskie trolls?” writes journalist and Professor at the HSE on the page in Facebook

“No, says I’m disconnected from this information because all time – and with that, and with the other hand. A fine man, a Muscovite, raising children, goes abroad to rest, we go to some theaters, restaurants, car services, but live on different planets.

And this is, admittedly, the real success of propaganda is not to stun and indoctrinate people (this brainwashed minority), and to instill in them a distrust of any information and the aversion to politics; in ignorance, unbelief, and indifference of the majority – the pledge of stability of Putinism.

Remember in August of ‘ 91 on the first day we built a barricade at the White house, and I ran to the Garden ring, near the American Embassy, to call people and turn the truck to the White house (managed to persuade a dump truck with concrete blocks), and there, 300 metres from the centre of events, no one knew anything, was rolling cars, pedestrians hurry on business and was surprised when he heard about the coup and Yeltsin.

Sometimes I imagine that we are a large crowd skating on the frozen river, night is falling, all the fun, music playing, snow falling, plop down on your butt the kids, but only few know that the ice thickness is only two fingers, and is already whooping, crawling along his crack and around hidden gullies, and sometimes it’s quietly, without a splash, falls, and below the black, scary fast water in which to swim toothy monsters waiting for their next victim – but the music plays, children laughing, and almost no one knows nor wants to know, how thin and fragile ice that separates them from death, and those few who know no one is listening, and who is listening says “you are lying”.

And the music plays and the snow flies, and black water rushing under the ice”.

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