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The journalists investigated how Ukrainians react to trash

Журналисты проверили, как украинцы реагируют на мусор под ногамиPeople ignore this behavior.

Ukrainians are ready to endure the garbage under their feet? Tolerance compatriots decided to check journalists in a risky experiment.

Trash the experiment started with apples and candies. Place of action was chosen very clean Park, where the boxes are next to each bench. Garbage defiantly threw themselves at his feet. However, the people around didn’t care. The journalist has spent 20 minutes and heavily littered, but nobody paid attention.

Then she started to ask people why they ignore defiant behavior. They basically responded that the debris was not seen.

Repeat the experiment decided on private land and the white of the entrance of the residential flats. There the people’s anger to the person who litter, caught fire very quickly – to the fury of the witnesses is not affected even the argument about the experiment. It was called a provocation, for which it should be judged.

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