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The journalist was amused with their version of “correct” oath of the Russian

Журналист развеселил своим вариантом "правильной" присяги россиянинаAlexander Nevzorov has offered his version.

Social media users continue to discuss the idea of introducing some kind of oath for persons receiving Russian citizenship.

So, a Russian journalist and publicist Alexander Nevzorov spoke about this in his Instagram.

According to Nevzorov, the current version of the oath is not necessary: “It will be just as archaic and delusional, as all the ancient oath”.

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“The state has the right to Rob, to humiliate, to kill, and citizen should experience awe, admiration and devotion,” says the journalist.

The publicist suggested that a new oath should read as follows: “In case if Russia will be able to become a civilized state and to provide me my personal benefits and interests, I undertake to pay taxes on time, do not fry the tires of police officers and to give the President of the Russian Federation in public transport”.

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