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The journalist told how Matios offered him a bribe

Журналист рассказал, как Матиос предлагал ему взятку The journalist believes that the scheme Guzhva can be planted any.

Journalist Oleksiy Bobrovnikov, commenting on the arrest of editor-in-chief “of the Country,” Igor Guzhva told a year ago by the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios offered him a bribe of 10 thousand dollars for coverage in handy for GPU key the case about the murder of lawyer Grabowski. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to Bobrovnikov, from that sentence he refused and generally “never took bribes for output-absence of any material”.

“And this is one reason why I can’t feel safe, not only from the gangster groups that destroyed Galushchenko and co., but also from the so-called law enforcement. According to the scheme described in this article, you can put not only Guzhva, Bogutskaya with ICTV and others, but Matios and probably the head of Yury Lutsenko”, – the journalist writes.

Bobrovnikova have had information from one of the assistants Grabowski, claimed to have seen a third suspect in the murder of a lawyer.

“The assistant had to draw with were present at the filming of the artist’s sketch of a third suspect such a twist would violate the logic in the GPU in the case of Hornbeam, and it is obvious that such a turn Matios wanted to avoid,” writes the journalist.

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