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The journalist laugh Ukrainians call the wife of the militants “DNR”

Журналист рассмешил украинцев звонком жене боевика "ДНР" Roman Skrypin potrollit fans of “Russian world”.

Well-known Ukrainian journalist Roman Skrypin during the broadcast of the program “16+” called the militants “DNR” in occupied Donetsk.

Note that Skrypin had the phone number of fighter Alexander Ivanov on the website of the project “the Peacemaker.” However, she was the wife of the terrorist.

She confirmed that her family really lives in Donetsk. However, the question of the journalist of, whether fighting her husband, she said that information on the site “Peacemaker” is wrong. The woman was assured that her husband is a driver.

Skipn Dzvony in Donetsk | 16+

#VIDEO: Skipn Dzvony in Donetsk (16+)

Now the team of bojovica “DNR” Hoca rasstrelyali rum iz the machine..

Published 25 Jan 2017

At the same time the wife of the terrorist said that if she had a machine she would personally “shot for such jokes”. “I mean, your husband is not at war, and you fight?” – joked Skrypin. “Trollyaka. Skripin “lights” – said in comments to the video.

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