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The journalist explained why in Ukraine third Maidan

Журналист объяснил, почему в Украине невозможен третий МайданAlexander Martynenko does not believe in such a development.

Ukrainian journalist, Director General of the information Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” Alexander Martynenko explained why in Ukraine there was a new Maidan.

About that Martynenko has told in interview to the edition “Gordon”.

The journalist emphasized that saying that the third Maidan will not, he is not referring to the attempted coup, but a social phenomenon.

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The attempted coup he called the possible, but hardly efficient.

Martynenko said that he has two hypotheses about the emergence in Ukraine of the Maidan.

According to the first, a Maidan it happens once in a generation. People lost patience, throwing the Maidan, frustrated and leave.

The second hypothesis Martynenko links the emergence of the Maidan in Ukraine with the person Yanukovych.

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“No Yanukovych — there is no independence. Try to deny it,” said the journalist.

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