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The Japanese want to make cars out of wood

Японцы хотят делать машины из древесиныScientists from Japan managed to find an alternative to the standard materials.

Researchers from the Kyoto University proposed to use in car production material based on wood. If cellulose fiber divided by the smallest particle size of 0.001 mm, and then connect them with plastic, quite really to receive a material stronger than steel.

The main problem, which researchers have focused is the high cost of new material. The production of one kilogram of cellulose nanofibers is about 1000 yen or $ 9. It is expected that by 2030 the cost will be reduced by half, and then the new material is not only environmental and innovative and economically viable products. He will be able to become a competitor to the commonly used automotive steel and aluminum alloys. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The combination of cellulose fibers and plastic is durable and lightness. It is expected that new material may be interested in manufacturers of electric vehicles. In this segment, engineers are constantly looking at ways to reduce vehicle weight to reduce energy consumption of the vehicle.

We will remind, this year in Las Vegas was presented the fastest electric car in the world.

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