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The Japanese probe has made the most detailed images of the asteroid

Японский зонд сделал самые детальные снимки астероида The spacecraft will return to Earth two years later.

The last images of the surface of the asteroid Ryugu obtained by the Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 in six weeks, examination of this space object, impressed even seasoned astronomers and other space explorers. The fact that the pictures were taken from a distance not exceeding a thousand meters, and using the best video equipment, which is only capable of Japan.

Previously, the space body was shot from a distance of over 4 kilometers. And here – such a stunning result! Because of this the shots can be very good to consider even small boulders not exceeding two to three meters in length. Not by chance in the Internet there was even a joke: how is it that Scott Waring is still not found these cool pictures of traces of the presence of aliens or natives.

But jokes jokes, and the Japanese experts is currently, thanks to the obtained images, and calculate the landing of a probe on an asteroid and, unfortunately, come to the conclusion that this would be not so easy.

Scientists have even managed to measure gravity Rugu by sending your probe in free fall from 20-km altitude and stopped him at around 850 meters. After which Hayabusa-2 no problem started the engine and climbed to an altitude of 5 kilometers. However, this has allowed the Japanese experts to predict the difficulty of landing and to make appropriate adjustments.

To land a probe on an asteroid and collect samples of the soil – that is the problem facing the specialists of the Japanese space Agency. The return of Hayabusa-2 to Earth scheduled them for the end of 2020.

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