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The Japanese offer to have a holographic wife

Японцам предложат завести голографическую женуHiraki looks like a girl with blue hair, drawn in anime style.

The Japanese company Vinclu started taking pre-orders for the device Gatebox — a device that allows you to have a “holographic wife.” On Friday, December 16.

Gatebox is a device with a computer system and a projector, which shows a virtual girl named Azuma Hikari (Hikari Azuma). It is able to maintain a dialogue with its owner, to write messages for him to Wake up in the morning, and also control lighting systems, heating and some appliances in the house. The Telegraph writes that holographic can even send the owner an angry message if it is delayed, explaining that she “feels lonely”.

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Hiraki looks like a girl with blue hair, drawn in anime style. On Gatebox website States that she is 20 years old, her height is 158 cm, she loves donuts and hates insects.

At the moment there are 300 copies of the device that will be available to the people of Japan and the United States. The cost of each is 298 thousand yen (about 2,5 thousand dollars).

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The publication notes that the idea of “virtual wife” impressed not all. For example, on the shop page Tokyo Otaku Mode Facebook a number of social network users considered the device “extremely depressed”, and some pointed to the fact that the birth rate because it can drop dramatically.

“And what will happen when you come home and catch her cheating on you with the toaster?” — asked one of the subscribers, Tokyo Otaku Mode.

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