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The Japanese man in the apartment found the remains of nine people

У японца в квартире нашли останки девяти человекThe remains belong to one man and eight women.

Takahiro Shiraishi was arrested after his apartment was discovered the bodies of nine people, including two heads.

27-year-old man lives in the city of Zama, near Tokyo. The police conducted his search in connection with the investigation of the disappearance of 23-year-old girl. She was spotted by surveillance cameras near the house of the suspect. According to media reports, she was familiar with Shiraishi wrote on the Internet that allegedly wants to commit suicide.

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The apartment was found a couple of fridges, which were parts of bodies. According to preliminary reports, the remains belong to eight women and one man.

According to local media, among the terrible discoveries were two human heads. In one room police found a saw. The TV station NHK quoted the suspect, who confirmed that killed these people and “made something out of bodies to hide the evidence.”

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According to neighbors, shortly after moving Shiraishi to their house, they felt a strange smell coming from his apartment.

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