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The Japanese have created a robot Android face 10-year-old boy

Японец создал робота-андроида с лицом 10-летнего мальчикаThe robot is interesting because it can most likely copy the facial expressions of people.

Engineer Ishiguro Hiroshi from Osaka University, known for the development of humanoid robots, this again surprised the public that his invention may be most likely to copy facial expressions of the people.

Android boy Ibuki has two arms and a wheeled platform on which it moves. It is curious that the robot moves with asymmetric wheels, so that the device wobbles when “walking” than mimics the gait of a normal person.

Ibuki’s face can Express different emotions, but also to make “involuntary” movements: for example, the robot blinks, slightly moves her head and eyes. According to the Creator, “such developments are important, because it opens the possibility for a natural non-verbal communication between robots and people.” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It is noteworthy that in the world on the creation of humanoid robots is not as many engineers and organisations. One of the main reasons is that to reproduce the facial expressions of people on the face of the robot is difficult and expensive. However, some humanoid robots have become world famous. For example, developed in Hong Kong gynoid Sophia is able to maintain a conversation, speak different languages, to joke and to Express emotions. On 25 October 2017 at the summit, “Investment initiative of the future” in Riyadh, she even was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia – thus, Sofia became the first robot holding the citizenship.robot Irukiran Politeka wrote that AI learning is not only used to improve the system. It also helps to find famous scientists, which is unfair there is no information in Wikipedia.

Machine learning is now used to scan scientific research and news to identify famous scientists that are not in Wikipedia. Among these scholars many women, and lack of information about them, especially noticeable in the world’s most popular Internet encyclopedia, in which 82% of the biographies written about men.

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