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The Japanese are preparing to launch to Mars, the miracle machine

Японцы готовят к запуску на Марс чудо-аппаратThe Japanese will send to Mars the tiny machine weight 140 kg

Scientists from Japan are embarking on the development of miniature and relatively inexpensive device for the study of Mars, which is expected to send to the surface of this planet in 2020-ies.

It will weigh only 140 kg – about ten times less than previously used devices of this type.

According to calculations, the cost of setting up such a device in the 1-2 billion yen (about 8.5 – $17 million), which is also ten times less than conventional costs.

The creation of the device will take the specialists of the National Institute communications technology, Tokyo University and Osaka University.

Explore about will be the composition of the atmosphere and character of the surface of Mars through the analysis of terahertz radiation from various material objects. Japanese specialists, according to the newspaper, occupy a leading position in studies of this kind.

Currently, the U.S., EU, Russia, the United Arab Emirates intend in 2020-ies to send to Mars heavy research units, one of these probes is expected to push the Japanese unit.

After reaching the orbit of Mars, it will separate and independently descend to the planet’s surface.

Japan in 1998 was sent to Mars probe Nozomi, but the mission failed because of the failure of the propulsion system of the apparatus.

We will remind, Chinese scientists plan to send its first probe to Mars orbit in 2020.

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