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The ISS leak ammonia

На МКС произошла утечка аммиакаThe source of the leak could not be identified more than a week.

In the us segment of the International space station discovered a leak of ammonia. This writes Interfax, citing a source in the space industry.

“Loss of ammonia occurs from the external thermal control system. She is no threat to the crew,” said the source.

According to him, more than a week failed to establish the source of seepage, but before it was done.

“With the help of the analyzer of ammonia delivered to the station, it was a scanning of the external surface of the station, and localized the leak – valve radiators into sections P1”, – he said.

But to stop the leakage of ammonia is not yet possible. NASA will continue to monitor the situation.

Now aboard the ISS are six people – Russians Oleg Novitsky, Andrey Borisenko, Sergey Ryzhikov, Frenchman Thomas Sands, the Americans Peggy Whitson and Robert Shane Kimbrough.

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