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The Israeli prophet told what disaster awaits the Earth

Израильский пророк рассказал, какой катаклизм ожидает Землю A famous Rabbi of the analyzed lines from the Bible.

The prophet of Israel named Yitzhak Batzri said that the Bible contains the information about the explosion of Yellowstone. So, the strongest eruption will be accompanied by an incredibly powerful earthquake. Global catastrophe will be designed to clean this world in the End of Days.

According to the statement, lines of imminent catastrophe are in the old Testament. The eruption of the volcano was predicted in the book of Zechariah and the Book of Psalms. About the last days on earth it is in Psalms 104:32. The text notes the following: “He looks at the earth it trembles, who touches the hills and they smoke”.

These lines describe some of the events that will occur in the near future. The strongest seismic activity happens in Israel. The earthquake will open the temple mount for the Messiah.

Also the Rabbi attributed to the eruption of the row 13:9 of Zechariah. They noted the following: “the Third part I will guide you through the flame, test them, and then they’re going to happen by name, and I answer: “Here my people.”

Tremors nehily power will be felt around the world. Scientists fear that the volcanic and seismic activity in Yellowstone will cause climate change around the world.

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