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The iron law of autocracy

Железный закон автократии

Mikhail Leontyev, who for obvious reasons the language is often what Putin has in mind, said: “We are faced with the need to deprive youth of voting rights, perhaps in the near future. Because otherwise we will lose the country”.

I’ve been waiting for something like that, although it is not thought that someone would Express this thought with such an amazing cynicism. Putin, of course, moves to gerontocracy, but the costs to do this, all sorts of manipulations with papers, boxes and the opportunity to throw pieces of paper in boxes for several days, calling it an election. And Leontiev directly cut “plain truth”.

We are witnessing the transition of autocracy in gerontocracy through this important intermediate stage as a kleptocracy.


Autocrats come to power, usually with good intentions: to save the Fatherland from chaos, from the conflict of the warring groups. If they somehow manage to gain a foothold at the helm, in the future a variety of (formerly warring) groups happy start to lick the boots of autocrats and to ask for money in exchange for their support. The rulers understand that the peace of the country, this support is needed, and pleasuring applicants, who directly providing the money, and someone capable of self-feeding with subject areas.

So come peace and order, and autocracy transformed into a kleptocracy. While there, plunder, peace and order are maintained. And autocrats-kleptocrats rejoice, as they thanked the people who fall to something nedorazumenie.

There is time. The rulers of the age. Resources come to an end. But power and wealth is so nice, that no great purpose is no longer needed the elderly to sit at the trough. And then they want to keep their gerontocracy. Justify their endless grasping for power become ridiculous, but old people don’t care anymore. They utter speech with trembling voices (Brezhnev gave us the unmatched sample), and the preservation of power instruct the security forces: let him crush all the dissidents and let the rest pretend to believe in the wisdom of the shivering old men.

And so it continues as long as gerontocracy will die. Then the purification of the country is fairly rapid.


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