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The Iraqi forces liberated the southern part of Mosul

Иракские войска освободили южную часть МосулаMilitants displaced from the area Arimia, the Iraqi army is preparing to storm the airport.

The Iraqi division, “Golden division” knocked the troops “Islamic state” from the area Arimia in the southern part of Mosul.

Units of the Iraqi army came to the shore of the river Til and now prepping for the release of the international airport in Mosul. In addition, special forces regained control of the city hospital.

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The operation to liberate the Iraqi Mosul continues Oct. During this time, under the control of the Iraqi military is back about 90% of the Eastern part of the city. In the battle for Mosul involving units of the international coalition, however, agreed that the city limits will be included Iraqi troops. Now, the Iraqi army controls the entire East Bank of the Tigris river, but all bridges are destroyed and it is very difficult to further advance.

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