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The investigation has not found the money “seized” by the FSB

Следствие не нашло деньги, "изъятые" сотрудниками ФСБ

Not yet managed to find most of 139 million rubles, which fighters of special forces “alpha” and “Vympel” and the FSB seized in the underground Bank.

As told to “Rosbalt” a source in the security services, according to the victim, the events developed as follows. Partners were taken from a number of locations currency exchange revenue and delivered it for future encashment in the Bank “metallurg” on the streets of Ivan grandma. The total amount was $ 136.5 million rubles. Suddenly rushed into the room, people in mufti and riot policemen, introduced themselves as FSB officers and “seized” all the money.

The victims appealed to MOORE, whose staff has requested recordings of all cameras that could capture the attackers. It turned out that some of the participants “special operations” do not even hide their faces, for they were sure that the money is the shadow, and that means no one in the authorities are not addressed. CID staff, by studying the records immediately recognized two of the robbers, “the guys from FSB”, with whom he was involved in operational activities. Followed by reports to the guide and in the CSS of the FSB, after which a decision was taken to detention.

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Once in custody, the majority of fighters of “alpha”, “Vympel” and the FSB decided to cooperate with the investigation. All together in one voice said that all was up with a man named Uzbek, which were related to illegal operations with large sums and frequently visited the Bank branch on the street Ivan grandma. He said when the Department will bring a large sum, and also persuaded accomplices in the fact that the money is illegal, and no, their loss not stated. After “withdrawal” by the FSB, according to their version, were 4 to 10 million rubles. All the rest took it Uzbek.

The latter was identified as Boris Khamitov is a very old acquaintance of the police officers from different countries. According to the source of “Rosbalt”, it was related to various criminal activities around the world. So, Khamitov was detained in Italy on suspicion of drug trafficking. But managed to escape from prison. And soon with other documents (as Boris Karamatov) showed up in England, where he met with billionaire Alexander Mineev. Last Karamatov, took to itself for work. As soon as Boris had access to offshore schemes of tenure, the cost of which was $1 billion, he “guided” it has the larger dealers. Mineeva shot. In this case Khamitova-Karamatov, even arrested, but then released. And he immediately connected to the shadow banking business.

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However, as together the FSB, knocked on all Khamitova, suggests certain ideas: and doth this man? “While his fate remains unknown. He just disappeared. Given that Khamitova, as it turned out, more than 10 passports in different names, he could be hiding in Russia, and abroad. But we can not exclude a more tragic turn in his life”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, there is information that there was a series of attacks on carriers of large sums. But then you need to take into account the high latency of such crimes. “All the money “black”, the underground business, to say afraid,” — said the source of “Rosbalt”. And maybe that’s why the thing is there is only one such episode.

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