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The international day of “Star wars”: history and features of the holiday. Video

Международный день «Звездных войн»: история и особенности праздника. ВидеоDate of celebration is chosen not casually.

May 4, fans of the fantastic Saga of George Lucas “Star wars” celebrate the Day “Star wars”.

The date chosen because of the often sounds in the movie and famous quotes May the Force be with you (“let the Force be with you”) that many beat fans as May the fourth be with you (eng. fourth — the fourth and May — may). Fans of “Star wars” was not the first to use such a pun.

In 2005, in an interview with TV channel N24, George Lucas was asked to say the famous quote. The words of Lucas May the force be with you simultaneous translator into German translated as 4 Am. Mai sind wir bei Ihnen (“We shall be with you on may 4”). The interview was aired on TV Total on may 18, 2005, together with the translated phrase.

Day holiday celebrated not only by fans. For example, in amusement parks and themed “the days of Star wars” and Disney in honor of the may 4 released a series of collectible posters. Official web site of the Saga may 4, 2011 announced the release Blu-ray editions of all six films and launched the improvised reverse countdown.

The day Star wars became so popular that the following day, may 5, jokingly came to be called “Revenge of the Fifth” (Revenge of the Fifth) — in honor of episode III of the Saga, called “revenge of the Sith” (Revenge of the Sith). The last word of the name is similar to eng. fifth, “fifth”, and built the pun. On this day, fans of the Saga are moving to the dark side of the Force and honor of the Lords of the Sith and other anti-heroes from the universe of “Star wars”.

There is also the interpretation which grudgement Day is celebrated on 6 may and is called “the Sixth Day of revenge” (Revenge of the Sixth), as the English word Sith like on the fifth (“fifth”) and sixth (“sixth”).

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