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The interior Ministry in Stavropol region has allowed the business to give the apartment the police

МВД Ставропольского края разрешило бизнесменам дарить квартиры полицейским

It is not considered a bribe. And this is weird!

Operatively-search part of own security GU the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Stavropol region sees no violations of the law in giving apartments to the staff of the Stavropol police representatives of construction companies Yugstrojjinvest.

After the publication in “Novaya Gazeta” material “Then he shot me in the head” in which we talked about the fact that in conflict with the developer are exposed to armed attacks, the editorial Board sent to the Main Department of own safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation with the request to assess the following fact: on the official website of “Yugstroyinvest” says the company annually gives the apartment a police officer. “Is it legal?” we asked, mindful that, according to the Federal law “On combating corruption”, public servants can’t accept gifts more than 3,000 rubles.

the official response of the CSS of the Affairs of the Stavropol region

“Violations of the law <…> is not installed”

“To inform you that Your appeal to the head of the Main Department of own safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia about the illegal actions of officials of the Department of the interior for the Stavropol territory on behalf considered. In the course of the audit the violations of law in actions of officials of the Main Department of the MIA of Russia for the Stavropol territory is not installed”, — said the head of the operational-investigative part of GU SB of the interior Ministry for the Stavropol territory, Konstantin Borodin.

Why do we disagree?

First, again, according to article 575 of the civil code, civil servants can’t accept gifts more than 3,000 rubles (apartments “Yugstroyinvest” are from 1 039 500 rubles). In the event that the gift offered in connection with the performance of official duties, he cannot be accepted in General (article 12.1 of the Federal law “On combating corruption”). The police are public servants, by virtue of article 25 of the Federal law “On police”.


Second, the company Yugstrojjinvest on its website openly States: “Annually assistance in need of housing employees of the police Department in the form of gratuitous transfer of apartments”. That is, of the apartment given to the police not as friends, close relatives, good people, etc., and as police officers.

Third, it is unclear how the audit was conducted. The employee of private security of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Stavropol territory Konstantin Latas called the editorial office of the “New” 28 June 2017 at 17.53. Asked to send links, which refers to the donation of apartments police, and said that evening and he was going home. And 3 July at 09.35 am office came the answer that violations of the law in the cases of donation of apartment no. Considering that on 1 and 2 July, the weekend, checking multiple facts giving developer of apartments for the officials of the Moi, it turns out, spent in just two days.

This would all be pathetic if it were not for the facts:

the people who come into conflict with the “Yugstroyinvest” are subjected to attacks, including armed. But criminal cases on these facts either are not excited at all, or they do not receive the suspects.

Since April 26, 2017 in Stavropol, there were two attacks on blogger Ilya Varlamov. It several times and poured brilliant green and iodine and beat feet. In one of the attacks was attended by Deputy General Director of “Yugstroyinvest” Sergei Medvedev. The criminal case was not instituted, the two attackers received administrative detention — two days, and three more escaped with fines of 500 rubles. Sergey Medvedev General no responsibility incurred.

But Varlamov was lucky — he got off easy. But Stavropol ecologist Grigory Pinchuk, collected documents about getting people “Yugstroyinvest” land in reserve “Russian forest”, unknown beat with brass knuckles until he lost consciousness. However, no valuables he stole, they took only documents. Responsibility for the attack on Pinchuk has not suffered one.

Even worse had the Stavropol student Ivan Barylak, which proved to belong to the “Yugstroyinvest” management companies inflate housing prices. Ivan just shot — put 4 bullets from the traumatic weapon, and one of the shots hit the head. Stavropol police qualified the attack as hooliganism and for three years found no suspect.

Whether played in all of these cases some part of the apartment, presented “Yugstroyinvest” Stavropol police? This question requires at least a two-day study.


“Novaya Gazeta” is speaking directly to the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev with a request to evaluate the facts of donation and construction company apartments to employees of the Stavropol GU the Ministry of internal Affairs. We also ask the Minister to take on control investigation of criminal cases on attacks against Grigory Pinchuk and Ivan Bariska.


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