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The interests of the people we have are not appreciated at all

Интересы людей у нас не ценятся вообще

Easier rules for obtaining citizenship for those who are sitting on the porch in Yenakiyevo and drinking beer and never a Russian passport was not attended, at a time when hundreds of thousands, rather, millions of immigrants from the former USSR years in Russia pester FMS, can not be considered only as sophisticated mockery.

And a good example that the interests of the people we have are not valued at all, if their private destiny for some reason do not fit into the mainstream of the current geopolitical attempts.

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Got Diaspora “Russians” in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria, from which our country is not hot and not cold, we have the same in Eastern Ukraine.

But at international conferences can be knit eyebrows, and home to tell, what gave it failed to enemies.

And drag all this splendor will continue normal Russians, not the privileged living within the borders of their country. And those poor people who have five years here gnawing our passport, and another five years will be engaged in this fascinating pastime.

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