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The inspectors voiced the main causes of the accident

Инспекторы озвучили основные причины ДТПDrivers will now be aware of these common mistakes.

Road users to avoid accidents and dangerous incidents must get rid of five bad habits behind the wheel.

The most dangerous driving is called ignoring the surrounding traffic. So many drivers at the wheel, psychologically suspended about the companies and fail to notice the streams of cars around. In addition, some drivers gain driving experience, relax and stop paying attention to the situation on the roads. To avoid accidents, the driver needs to focus and see the surrounding cars, as well as to be able to assess the situation.

The second error can be attributed to improper braking. Many drivers are focused on the edge of the bonnet and on the road in front of cars, but this often leads to sudden braking and cause an accident. Motorists should remember that this style of driving also leads to rapid wear of the brake pads and discs.

Another important bug on the road ignoring the turn signals. So, according to numerous studies, many drivers deliberately do not include turn signals when turning or changing lanes, not realizing that this can lead to a serious accident.

Fourth dangerous habit behind the wheel is a bad attitude towards others. In particular, drivers forget to warn other road users of your intentions. In this case, it is recommended to think not only about themselves but also about other drivers.

The fifth mistake of the motorists said the failure of a number on the track, the violation of which leads to a massive crash. Recommends to move in his band, and in the case of the maneuver is to turn on the turn signals.

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