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The inhabitant of Britain has become the surrogate mother of her grandson

Жительница Британии стала суррогатной матерью своего внукаThe British woman gave birth to his daughter.

In Britain, 45-year-old Julie Bradford became the surrogate mother of my grandchild.

Bradford gave birth to his 21-year-old daughter.

Three years ago, 18-year-old resident of South Wales Jessica Jenkins reported that she has cervical cancer. The girl’s mother, Julie Bradford, said that her daughter always dreamed about children, and now her plans were completely ruined because Jessica had surgery to remove the tumor and difficult course of chemotherapy.

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Doctors warned Jessica that after treatment she will not be able to have children. They offered the patient before treatment just in case to freeze her eggs.

As writes the edition, the doctors managed to take 21 egg, but in the end have survived only 10. Thus, with the use of biomaterial husband of Jessica, happened artificial insemination.

“The last three years were very difficult. But I was lucky that we were given the chance to rectify the situation. I always knew Jess from an early age dreamed about how becoming a mother. When cancer robbed her of this opportunity, we’ve all had broken hearts,” said Julie.

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She successfully gave birth to a child and 2 December was born a boy named Jack. “My mother is the bravest, most amazing woman in the world, I love her so much for the gift from me my son,” said the girl.

Жительница Британии стала суррогатной матерью своего внука

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