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The incredible story of a woman who never in my life did not smile

Невероятная история женщины, которая ни разу в жизни не улыбалась The girl, nicknamed Gloomy sue lived in the United States.

Vaudeville was the most popular form of American entertainment art from 1880 to 1930-ies. These Comedy plays with a song-by singing and dancing became the forerunners of the modern pop culture of the United States.

During short scenes with a length of only 6-15 minutes artists not only in dramatic art but also performed tricks, played with the animals, telling jokes. Every major city in America was a theater of vaudeville.

In new York this institution was the theater “Victoria” at the intersection of 42nd street and 7th Avenue, built in 1899 by German entrepreneur Oskar Hammerstein. Performances by local artists was considered the most inventive, funny and interesting throughout the country. One of the most notable entertainment came here in the summer of 1907. The audience saw a young woman named Susan Kelly, which soon was given the nickname Gloomy sue.

Невероятная история женщины, которая ни разу в жизни не улыбалась

The compere announced that the lady never laughs and even smiles. Anyone who would make her at least grin, offered a reward of 100 dollars, which in those days was a substantial sum. Initially this money trying to get people from the number of spectators who came out to the stage and grimaced before Scowling sue grimaces and told her my best jokes. As you might guess, it is not made for a woman of no effect.

Soon the amount of compensation was increased to $ 1,000 seductive, and theater reached renowned professional comedians, clowns, circus performers and other artists from other institutions. They spoke to the Sullen sue on stage “Victoria” (for free, of course), but the corners of the mouth, Kelly never wavered. These concerts have become incredibly popular with the public, and the owners barely had time to count the profits brought them such extraordinary numbers.

Among the residents and visitors of new York spread various conjectures about the Gloomy sue. Some said that the woman was blind and even deaf. However, it turned out to be wrong, because Kelly freely interacted with others. There were also rumours that the facial muscles Susan was paralyzed, and she could not smile even when she was funny. Finally, some believed that Kelly was not smiling since birth or have ceased to do it after some tragedy in life.

Невероятная история женщины, которая ни разу в жизни не улыбалась

The identity of this woman is still shrouded in a veil of secrecy. It is only known that an unmarried woman has received from Hammerstein’s 20 dollars a week and led a secluded life. Other details of her life remain a mystery. Over time, the name Gloomy sue was in show business, USA a metaphor for the audience, which is difficult to surprise. American journalists still from time to time write: “the speech of the comedian was so hilarious that I laugh even Gloomy sue…”

The very same Susan Kelly and no one else could laugh. However, many researchers of this phenomenon are interested in the deeper question is why this secret remained secret behind seven seals. Odd, isn’t it?..

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