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The incredible love story of Frida Kahlo. Photo

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. ФотоOne of the most talented artists in the world and the story of her love.

Love story expressive artist Frida Kahlo and eccentric muralist Diego Rivera as dramatic, so full of real true feelings. Their love story is an incredible example of how a loving person, even suffering from physical pain, is able to put in the forefront not their own experiences and feelings to another person.

Defeating pain

In 1907 in Mexico city into a family of immigrants-Jews and the Spanish beauty was born, the future artist Frida Kahlo. Alive, bubbly girl, 6 years had been ill with polio, though, and remained lame all his life but never lost glibness of character and fortitude.

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. Фото

Frida Kahlo 4 years, 1911.

The second test she was ordained at eighteen. In the result of a terrible accident in which he hit a bus with Frida, her body was literally shattered: damaged spine, ribs, pelvis. The consequences of this tragedy will stay with Frida for life, forcing some years to spend in bed without moving, to learn to suffer and to drown out unbearable physical pain, and to cultivate the extraordinary power of the spirit.

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. Фото

Frida Kahlo 14 years.

Perhaps from his father-photographer Frida passed on imaginative perception of life and desire to Express it on paper in the form of paintings. And her extraordinary painting, filled with bright colors and some dark images, became an expression of her world, her soul and pain, and her salvation.
Despite the sharp facial features and the specificity of life, Frida had a strong appeal for men. Cheerfulness, wit and sense of humor made her irresistible: men she fascinated even at the first meeting.

How do we know we are preparing a meeting

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. Фото

Diego Rivera: “He’s like a cannibal, just very good.”

Future husband of Frida, Diego Rivera, for his was similar with the woman striking difference between the external data with the depth and scale of his personality. Tall, quite clumsy, with sticking out hair, but very infectious in its charm, charisma and sensuality. By the time travelers Kahlo, Diego was already known as a muralist. He received private commissions for his work and fulfill government orders from the Mexican government.

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. Фото

Frida expressive and eccentric sculptor.

In addition to a successful career in the arts, Rivera in 1922, consisted of the Communist party, several times visited the Soviet Union and was an ardent supporter of the ideas of communism. The level of the individual in the political sphere is so noticeable that in his circle of communication is composed of eminent contemporaries, such as Vladimir Mayakovsky, who often visited him in the house.

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Thanks to the painting was an acquaintance of Frida and Diego. Restoring power after the accident, Kahlo was brought to assessment eminent painter his works written during his illness. “This girl is an artist from birth, extremely sensitive and capable of observation” – that will tell Rivera about the work of the young generation.

Extraterrestrial attraction.

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. Фото

At the time of their acquaintance Diego was free and gladly surrendered to the passion of a daring young artist Kahlo. The twenty-year age difference only added to the strangeness of this extraordinary pair.

In 1929, Frida and Diego were married. But even the wedding was unusual – a cheerful festivities suddenly turned into the firing of the groom’s guests from the gun. The young wife was so shocked and frightened that he returned back to his parents. But Diego managed to obtain a pardon and took his wife. Their family life goes on in the house, which later became known as the “blue house”, becoming a meeting place for Bohemians, artists, and various social movements.

I’m unhappy with you, but without you will not be happy

Their relationship was full of emotions and passion that the rough waters, then raised on the waves of unbridled love, then broke about misunderstanding and quarrels. Being a favorite of women, even after twenty years of marriage to Frida, he was in no hurry to change their lives and striking out ex-girlfriends that brought incredible suffering female vanity Kahlo. She, in turn, possessing a sharp tongue and being affected by its attitude, not to restrain the emotion in his criticism of his artwork.

Another tragedy they couple had no children. Frida’s inability to bear a child due to a severe injury and not allowed to experience her happiness to be a mother. Big kid she often called her husband by portraying him in his paintings as a child.

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. Фото

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. Фото

Cheating husband with her younger sister Kahlo was another blow. The picture with jagged and bleeding woman was the result of the suffering of her soul from this act. Infidelity Rivera Frida pushed to the Hobbies on the side. Finding his wife in the arms of the American sculptor, Diego barely restrained so as not to shoot both.

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. Фото

Frida Kahlo in the company of Leon Trotsky.

Love in Kahlo Leon Trotsky, friend Diego, who lived in their house, has become one of the causes played out in the aftermath of the drama. Trotsky and his wife fled to Mexico from Russia as disgraced exiles and found shelter in the house of Rivera and Kahlo. Russian Communist was really enthusiastic about the extraordinary artist, but romance is meant to be opened, Trotsky left the home of a former friend and was killed in the wilderness of the Mexican slums.

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We went to be together again

Family relationships are increasingly flawed, and in 1939 the couple decide to divorce. Frieda went to America, trying to forget in a series of novels, but soon ends up in the hospital with a terrible pain in the spine. The picture, written in the period of the divorce, Frida depicts herself in two ways – happy with the way Diego and broken, with a needle in his arm.

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. Фото

Frida Kahlo, bedridden.

Learn about the status of Kahlo, Diego immediately come to the hospital again… and proposes to her. She takes it, but this time puts a strange condition between them will not be physical contact, and from each other, they will be completely financially independent, in addition to the joint charge of the house. So Diego wants to return to Frida that she accepts all her conditions. Back in their common home, he regularly receives from Frida’s messages of love. In 1940 they held their second wedding.

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. Фото

Frida and Diego: together again.

The last years of her life, Kahlo kept a diary, full of entries, memoirs and confessions of love to her husband. “If I had health I would give it to Diego” – so writes, Frido about the main love of his life.

Before leaving, she will write the last, what else is keeping her here on earth. No, she does not take paint. Like a true Poet, whom she was in life and in painting, she will take the pen. And like a true Woman she was despite all her fears, she’ll write a ballad about love:

… In the saliva
in the paper
in Eclipse
All lines
In all colors
all pitchers
In my chest
outside, inside…
DIEGO in my mouth in my heart, in my madness, in my sleep in the blotting paper at the tip of the pen in pencils in landscapes of food in the metal in the imagination of the diseases in showcases in his above his eyes in his lips in his lies.

Невероятная история любви Фриды Кало. Фото

One of the paintings of Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo died July 13, 1954. She was alone in her house in Ciocana. A letter with this poetic treatment will give Diego a few days before his own death.

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