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The incident with the fighter of anti-terrorist operation in Slavyansk angered Ukrainians

Инцидент с бойцом АТО в Славянске возмутил украинцевMan wrongly fired

“When in Slavyansk began mess, I could not resist: square Ponomarev expressed his vision for this Orgy, and got into the basement of the SBU building, where I was three days tortured: beaten, wore a bag on his head, taken out to be shot. Later relatives bought me a 2 thousand UAH. I had to go. I wanted to serve, but age did not take. And I realized that I can’t stay away. My nephew was killed in Ilovajskij boiler. The eldest son from his first marriage fought in the Marines under Mariupol. So, I still managed to have me in 55 years took the combat engineer company. Fought throughout the Donetsk front line from Horlivka to Novoluganskoe” – said Atoshnik.

The man worked as a watchman at a local school of arts. After the injury, he was the reserve, but upon returning home, found that he was robbed of the right to preservation of average wages and jobs. The veteran filed to the court. Now the man is waiting on disability. The work has not, for his place was in, arguing that Michael “he wrote the application on dismissal”. Fighter ATO said that at the place of work forged his statement. “The school knew that I was going through the Commission to go into the ranks of the APU. In my contract it is written: “before the end of the special period”, so it is unknown when he will return. But according to the law of contract with this wording has the right to the preservation of the average wage and place of work — so I was told in the military. So when I learned that two months after signing the contract I was fired, I wrote the application in Prosecutor’s office. She sent a letter to the Department of social protection with the requirement to comply with the law. In October 2016, called me and said: don’t bother us, still such money to the cultural sector does not have,” he says. Local activists expressed support for combatants Mikhail Kirilyuk.

The School of arts has its own beliefs. In addition to false claims it still appeals to the free interpretation of the law. According to the amendments of the law of Ukraine “On conscription and military service” for persons who are called to military service, military service during mobilization, for a special period or taken military service under the contract in the event of a crisis situation that threatens national security, the announcement of the mobilization and (or) the imposition of martial law, remain place of work, position and average salary in the enterprise, institution, organisation where they worked at the time of calling But in Slavyansk can’t decide whether there is now a crisis situation.

“Everyone interprets the law as he can. And that’s our status, special or not, no government authority has not been formally reported. Therefore, we cannot pay this money, because then we will be accused of overspending,” explains the head of the School of arts Alexey Kuleshov. At the same time, the public did not remain aloof from the problems of a veteran of the ATO. “I am pleased that the public has learned to use a tool such as the courts,” — said one of the activists, Chairman of the local charity Foundation “the Rule of law in Ukraine” Andrey Fedorchenko.

“The issue here is not only in the law. And in conscience. From art School to fight he went alone, went to defend us. And we have to protect him here in a peaceful town,” says local activist Basil.

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