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The imitation of democracy the Kremlin no longer afford

Имитация демократии Кремлю уже не по карману

Epidemic and the collapse in oil prices pushed the Russian authorities to abandon the old “decorum”. I can postpone or cancel the election.

The imitation of democracy, even “sovereign”, this is a luxury that is becoming unaffordable for our government. The Russian budget is losing weight rapidly, and “nest egg” accumulated in the form of foreign exchange reserves and the Fund, apparently, and will not be spent on ordinary citizens.

In a situation when the Treasury is empty, and discontent people have thicker, not to play in democracy. Therefore, the vote on the amendments to the Constitution, the process of change in which the Kremlin needs to bring to an end, may be the last plebiscite.

It is no coincidence that telegrams the channels for a couple of weeks to discuss rumors about a possible postponement or even cancellation of regional elections, scheduled for September, and return to elections of regional governors, regional legislative assemblies. The presidential administration allegedly discusses several scenarios associated with this development, the final decision on this matter can be decided in a few days. I doubt that all elections are held on time and the scientists whom earlier talked “Rosbalt”.

In many ways, the uncertainty caused by the epidemic of the coronavirus, the peak of which in Russia has not yet passed. In social networks you can observe how the disturbance caused by the most active part of society, measures for isolation of citizens, but rather, their implementation by regional authorities. In this sense, the Kremlin was able to move the main negative with the Federal government at the local, and even if the first one constantly reproach of inaction, is to blame in the end will be others.

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But the epidemic will end and then what? People out of the house, but many will have nowhere to go because they were left without work and no money even for food, not to mention travel and entertainment. Meanwhile, our government is bent on fighting the coronavirus, but none of its representatives has still not explained how we will deal with a devastating drop in world oil prices.

And the consequences of this collapse, which, according to some experts, largely provoked actions of the Russian authorities are clearly terrible coronavirus. After all, despite previous talk about reducing oil and gas dependence, this “needle” our country is not peeled until now, and selling of hydrocarbon raw materials is the lion’s share of state revenues.

In such a situation, elections at all levels, including scheduled for 2021 election of the new composition of the Duma, the authorities will have to endure for an indefinite period or to cancel it. Because so far the elections in Russia was not a competition of parties and their programs, as a symbolic act of expressing support for the incumbent authorities. Now she has less and less possibilities not just to ensure that the notorious stability and keep the country from sliding into the abyss.

Another thing is that the legal basis for postponing the elections is not enough. To defer their implementation for a maximum of six months, and if you want to a later date, I have yet to introduce a state of emergency (which is now trying to avoid) or come up with something else.

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But to cancel elections or to replace them with something similar — really. But, of course, by submitting it under a pretext that someone even seem progressive. In the same telegram channels Express version of a possible “reset” of the timing of all authorities in connection with new amendments to the Constitution. But it looks doubtful, because in that case, the Constitution was supposed to appear in the corresponding clause, as it did in relation to presidential terms.

Replacement of the same elections in their current form you can think of without much difficulty. The most likely option would be e-voting. A similar system last summer, already tested in the elections to the Moscow city Duma, but only three constituencies, and only in the alternative, while retaining the ability to drop the ballot in a real, not virtual box.

We say that the system of online voting, protection from hackers and counterfeiters. But there is only word for it, because there will be no web cameras or observers. And now, despite the fact that the first experiment on electronic voting has not been without scandals, the state Duma continued to pass laws related to its further spread.

So it is quite possible that the authorities will soon not have to look for ways to entrap the stations of as many voters. The “battle” for the Parliament will be held exclusively in virtual mode and then try to prove that someone catapulted to vote — will not work. Even in the distribution of fake accused.

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