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The IMF has not agreed on a pension reform of the government

МВФ не согласовал пенсионную реформу правительстваThe Fund, in particular, were not satisfied with the pension modernization on an ongoing basis.

The international monetary Fund agreed on pension reform, which was prepared by the Cabinet of Ministers.

This writes citing a government source.

It is alleged that the Fund has performed strongly against the abolition of the taxation of pensions to working pensioners and did not support the idea of modernization of pensions on an ongoing basis.

In addition, the IMF has spoken strongly against the government’s plans to reduce the coefficient of valuation of years of experience in the formula of calculation of pensions from 1.35 to 1. According to the Agency, the project of pension reform assumes that the ratio will decline from 2018. This will lead to a significant reduction in pension.

The Agency notes that the initiative to reduce the assessment ratio years of experience in the formula for calculating pensions was not reflected in the presentation of the Cabinet of Ministers on pension reform. The full text is developed and pre-approved by the government of the bill are not yet available.

The IMF mission worked in Kyiv from 16 to 26 may. In a statement on the results of its work, the Fund’s experts noted that pension and land reforms need to continue technical work.

According to Ukrainian news, the IMF is ready to make concessions to Ukraine in the issue of the deadline for adoption of the pension and land reforms. For the disbursement of the next tranche of the Fund will be content to pass these bills at the first reading, not in General, as was required previously.

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