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The IMF called one of the main problems of Ukraine

В МВФ назвали одну из основных проблем УкраиныUkraine is too slow in the fight against corruption.

Ukraine is moving forward in the fight against corruption, but somewhat slow.

This is the opinion of the Deputy managing Director, International monetary Fund David Lipton.

“There are three dimensions of struggle. One is the presence of institutions. Here created NABOO, as envisaged in the programme. Second – transparency. This issue of e-declarations. Third – the rule of law. Here we are talking about internal management. The President and the government should take it seriously. Another dimension – clean up the banking system from the problems,” says David Lipton. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

An important aspect of the fight against corruption – liberalization. Among the epicenters of corruption in Ukraine was the gas system. It is necessary to clean Naftogaz and its structure, to regulate prices is thus to eliminate the ability to buy imported fuel cheap and sell expensive.

“In some of these areas, Ukraine has made important steps forward. In others there is still much work to be done. In some we can try to provide care and support. While others require political action of the government”, – he stressed.

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