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The IMF announced the possible failure of the tranche – media

МВФ сообщил о возможном срыве транша, - СМИThe IMF has responded to the attempt of the Prime Minister to limit the powers of the Minister of Finance.

The international monetary Fund (IMF) is unhappy with the latest decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on restriction of powers of the Ministry of Finance and the subordination of the State fiscal service (GFS).

The corresponding letter on may 29, to the Ukrainian government sent the head of the IMF mission in Ukraine Ron van Ore reported with reference to the document shown by the source in the Cabinet.

The Fund emphasizes that Ukraine violates the commitments made while receiving the previous tranche from the IMF.

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We are talking about more pobarabanu the decisions of the government, which alleged the Ministry of Finance will be deprived of the authority to approve financial documents of the government.

Finance Minister Alexander danyluk said that such Cabinet decision has been received by the Ministry of Finance. But so far, neither the Finance Ministry nor the Cabinet has not released the draft regulations.

“The government does not want to disclose these decisions. For the country it would be a big blow and threatened the disruption of the IMF program,” the Minister said at a meeting with entrepreneurs and press.

“If they were to publish the Finance Ministry will challenge both decisions. But I am sure that the Cabinet will not take such step”, – said danyluk.

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In a press-service of the Prime Minister denied the information about decision-making. There otvergaet that in closed session the question was raised to demonstrate how the principle of “tacit consent” in cases when the Ministry of Finance is delaying the approval documents.

“The current rules say that if such questions are put to the vote in the Cabinet, with the exception of acquiescence, the Ministry of Finance remains in their rights,” – said the press service of the Prime Minister in comments to the edition.

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