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The Illustrator has created beautiful posters for the series “Hannibal”

Fans of the coolest TV series “Hannibal” production by NBC, whose flight was so severely and suddenly interrupted by the creators in 2015, still do not lose hope to see new series about the brilliant detective will Graham and his equally brilliant rival, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. However, do not lose heart and the creators of the show in may of this year, Executive producer Bryan fuller talked about his attempts to return the story to the screens. It will be very cool, if it works, and the fourth season of “Hannibal” rethink “the silence of the lambs”!

Well, the most devoted fans of the series, meanwhile, is not sitting idle. The author of the blog platform Tumblr called Posterology, is what draws the posters for EACH episodes of your favourite TV show. Under the hand of a talented Illustrator has already got hits like “breaking bad,” “True detective” and “Game of thrones”. And it is in this format made posters to all 39 episodes of “Hannibal” – the best of which we now examine. Each art is accompanied by the signature of the relevant series and the most memorable quote from it. “That’s the idea” – said to be the artist, echoing will Graham.

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