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The husband of Iryna Bilyk made a Frank admission

Муж Ирины Билык сделал откровенное признаниеAslan Akhmadov said that she liked to surprise your beloved

Specifically for the presentation of new music video by Iryna Bilyk “Wizards” in Ukraine came to her husband, Aslan Akhmadov, making her surprise and supporting our favorite.

After all, the story of the song, as it turned out, this is the story of Irina and Aslan, who live in different countries, separated by borders, but United in their passion and desire to be together. Sometimes it turns out not so often as they would like, but that’s what makes their meeting all the more anticipated.

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During the presentation of the video clip Aslan Akhmadov first told about them by Iryna Bilyk family life.

“The husband admitted that rarely cooks, but loves to surprise the favorite. And Irina shared with the audience an interesting story on this topic. My favorite dish was once prepared by Aslan, is a soup made of yogurt and cilantro. He spent an hour prevented the yogurt on the stove! I thought what he was there for so long way? The yogurt was curdled, and even had to call mom to find out the exact recipe, but in the end the soup turned out delicious, ” – said the artist

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Note that Iryna Bilyk signed with the father of her youngest son Aslan by ahmedovym. This is the first official marriage of the actress.

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