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The humor in Odessa: fresh collection of funny jokes

Юмор по-одесски: свежая подборка веселых анекдотовLaughing together!

Odessa – cheerful people with amazing sense of humor.

They know how to cleverly get out of absolutely any situation and deftly to answer the most tricky questions.

We bring our readers another batch of anecdotes and hope that they will help you to remain optimistic, no matter what.

In the Odessa district court:
— Abram Natanovich, why do you, having lived with his wife of 40 years, decided to get a divorce?
— This old bitch forgot to turn off the light in the toilet! And according to the receipt I see, sho is the same the second time.

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— Sophie, where have you been 5 in the morning?!
— Abrash! Sha! Hanging around fiocci, and I still traveled…

Rose, sobbing, talking on the phone to his mother:
— Mom, it’s midnight, and Abram still no. He must have some woman…
— Sara, why are you suspecting the worst? Maybe he has just got hit by a car!

You know, Sara, if you really loved me, you would have married someone else…

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Odessa Privoz.
— Chickens, chickens! Twin chickens! Lady, come here! Look, it’s not Kur, is a dream!
— I have come. Now you tell me: how do you feed your chickens?
— And why should you?
— Why? Maybe I want to lose weight?

Odessa. Evening. Pouring rain. A knock at the door. Simon opens it and sees behind the door mother-in-law:
— Mama, you sho do in this weather on the street?! Go home!

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