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The humor in Odessa: a fresh batch of funny jokes

Юмор по-одесски: свежая порция смешных анекдотовFunny jokes from the real Odessa.

Odessa – cheerful people with amazing sense of humor.

They know how to cleverly get out of absolutely any situation and deftly to answer the most tricky questions.

We bring our readers another batch of anecdotes and hope that they will help you to remain optimistic, no matter what.

On a romantic date:
— Sara, maybe we finish our drinks brandy miss?
— Sam, you still can miss, and I definitely drink!

Sonia Markovna, did you heard sho if you eat before you go to the Privoz, that you have fed and don’t buy unnecessary products?
— Yeah, bullshit! Here’s my SEMA before going for vodka has vykoukal chekushku Schaub to save money. So if he went with the bubble home, after it was brought only two days without a penny in his pocket.

Celia says of Monet:
— Monya, do not swear at me mate, but I imagine it all so vividly imagine!

— Abram Isaakovich, and how it’s terrible to say, going to cost me?
For you, semen Izrailevich, it’s free!
— M-m-m, sounds expensive…

Odessa. Clinic. Doctor:
— Well, I’ll tell You, Madam Ziperovich? You have such tests that I would recommend you to go somewhere for mud resorts.
— And that it will help?
Well, help may not help, but to the earth we must get used to…

In Odessa tram:
— Man, you sho about me all the time rubbing, you sho?
— What are you! How could you think such a thing?!
— Well, stand back and not interfere, maybe others want.

— Fima, you know, sho hammer and sickle — the secret sign of circumcision?
— Yes, you sho? Well, sickle — clear, and hammer on what?
Same for anesthesia…

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