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The humiliation of the people

Унижение собственного народа

“Minister of socio-demographic and family policy Samara region Marina Antimonov commented in social networks complaints of mothers on a small allowance for child care. The clerk advised them to start a garden and get ready for sacrificial actions.

“Besides, the ancestors properly done, that bred the gardens and orchards — they give good food to feed the children. “If you want a child, will always find a solution!” — assured the Minister.

Antimonov further noted that in modern society material values and so they are unhappy.”

“According to the Declaration, in 2017 Antimonov has earned 1,528 million rubles. The income of the spouse Antimonopoly 2017 for the year amounted to 1,556 million rubles. In joint ownership they have is a residential house area sq m 422,5 and bath area 149,5 sq.m.”

If the chain broke, the bureaucrats in their social Darwinism. Almost every day is a humiliation of their own people — who feeds them. If they publicly hate and despise the Russians, you can imagine what their degree of hatred and contempt for the “little people” in their own circle.

Well, it seems that life is working out for you. You’re a large regional official. Every day moles of GD that you got to be obedient, silent, fearful and hard-working people. Where else in the country you will find such subjects? But no, it is not enough — one also has to publicly face people spit.

Some people, of course, obedient, but one day it will burst.

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