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The housing problem: a woman accused of fraud with housing

Квартирный вопрос: Лещенко обвинили в махинациях с жильемRoom, which has declared Leshchenko, was home.

The room that the MP Serhiy Leshchenko made in the Declaration as a place of residence actually turned out to be a house.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote blogger Andrei Dzindzya.

“Serhiy Leshchenko pointed out in his Declaration that he lives in a 24-meter room, which, allegedly, gave him friends free to stay! In Parliament, Serhiy was shown the room which he pointed out in the Declaration, and which indeed was the whole house,” he wrote.

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Jinja also noted that during a conversation with a woman famous journalist-a rassledovatel Natalia Sedletskaya does not wish to learn details about the house, which allegedly is home to the MP.

“And another thing. Nice conversation of the journalist investigation program “Schemes” with the MP-corrupt – that’s all you need to know about anti-corruption investigation. Natalia Sedletskaya not even thinking about why a woman is lying openly, asks what this place is!! Instead, it proposes to publish information proactively,” – said Jinja.
Also, according to him, the photo of house Leshchenko gave the MP Ivan peace, who was previously head of security of the oligarch Dmitry Firtash.

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“Some of the explanations! MP peace, who gave Leshchenko photo, was the head of the guard Firtash. Here Frank taskbar, which indicates that a woman is “protected” Firtash”, – the journalist noted.

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