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The horrors of the Russian porches

Ужасы российских подъездов

So, friends — today will be a great and very interesting post about the horrors of Russian entrances. For me personally always a big mystery is how people manage to live in such conditions — I have from time to time looking at these photographs or videos in the Internet and each time amazed.

In the comments to posts with similar photos usually write that in Belarus and in Ukraine there are entrances but one, frankly, in Belarus, I have not seen such a gesture, and secondly, in contrast to the “poor” of Belarus and Ukraine, Russia has positioned itself as a “rich resource superpower” — in this case, why not bring all these scary hallways? That’s a mystery then.

And another mystery to me is the attitude of Russians to the problem of filthy hallways — most don’t seem to mind and a few “activists” more concerned with what years of pestering the local administration with letters and complaints, and also show to reporters the media terrible peeling walls — look, they say, as our state did not slaughter! What prevents these people to let the energy in a constructive way, to collect from each apartment for $10-$20 and solve all the problems — for me a big mystery.

So in today’s post — look at the horrors of the Russian porches and think what to do with all this. Make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe)

02. First, let’s take a look of the entrance group in those same hallways. A typical entrance in the Russian entrance looks like here on this photo made by Sasha Belenky macos. Heavy crudely welded metal door, often without an eye, and the slightest hint of glass (which in itself looks very depressing). The door is often plastered with dozens of ads like “borrow money to buy an apartment,” and the advertisements are often glued to the door even in the case of message boards.

Ужасы российских подъездов

03. The entrance to the old house, the winter photograph. Explain to me why the door to the staircase to make metal to that? They, unlike the apartment doors do not protect from hacking apartment, but their common ostannim and terrible views create the feeling of living inside a trash can.

Ужасы российских подъездов

04. That is still very unpleasant — often a metal door to the staircase even made at the factory, and seemed to be cooked by some artisans, often crooked and unevenly. Here in this photo, humorously signed as “trump caught during an attempt to dirty the Russian entrance” can be seen as just such a door. By the way, judging from the traces of glue — it was filthy ads not only outside but inside.

Ужасы российских подъездов

05. Just behind the entrance at the entrance usually start mailboxes — in many entrances they are often thwarted and twisted with some unknown terrible power doors, and even sometimes just burned. In Belarus I remember these things in some disadvantaged districts of Minsk during the period of the nineties — but I haven’t seen one.

Ужасы российских подъездов

06. Here is another very good photograph, which clearly shows such a twisted, unknown terrible power of the mailbox partially broken doors and other sheet — like long crumbled from the walls of whitewash. Tell me — what prevents us to buy a bag of putty and three-liter jar of paint and allow the wall to the right? Mailboxes, by the way, also cost relatively little money.

Ужасы российских подъездов

07. More a running example — apparently, this house even has not been renovated since the king of Peas, i.e. never. How can you live? If every day I walked down a stairway from the house — that the whole day would be spoiled the mood.

Ужасы российских подъездов

08. Often in the stairwell near the entrance and also dump every junk — as, for instance, see here in this picture. Some beds, broken chairs — how among all this live as well?

Ужасы российских подъездов

09. If the house is over five floors, then walking up the stairs is taller — you will see an Elevator. Lift in a crap entrance will look something like this — peeling walls around the doors, the remains of some ad bent unknown terrible force aluminum lining and burned with a lighter the lift call button and floors. One time a knock was trying to do vandal-proof aluminum, but such a bad trick did not stop his active nature of Elevator vandals — and they are in order of satisfaction burned the “stop” button and “call Manager”:

Ужасы российских подъездов

10. The interior of the Elevator looks something like this. Good propisany Obama right angle Board gogorilla with token walls. The game is that on the walls of the Elevator I write more often residents of the entrance. And I want to say — “the people that you are, you live here”.

Ужасы российских подъездов

11. Another spooky Elevator:

Ужасы российских подъездов

12. Also very scary photo:

Ужасы российских подъездов

13. And here. What kind of terrible monster batters in mailboxes horns?

Ужасы российских подъездов

14. What do you mean? On one of the news sites this photo was published in the news called “the pizza guy in Rostov afraid to go into the entrance”. It is understandable — I would be too afraid.

Ужасы российских подъездов

15. Mention zapisannye entrances, by the way, I did not exaggerate — recently in the social network got a video with a hidden camera installed in one of the Russian entries — which clearly shows how people, sorry, peeing in the garbage and next to him. Someone have to be to dirtied your house?

Instead of an epilogue I want to insert a single quote from the immortal novel by Vladimir Voinovich “Moscow 2042” — in which the author came close to solving the mystery of the filthy entrance:

– Dermokraty! – roared Simic. – In a democracy no good. If there’s a fire, then all the Democrats and all plurality looking for that one who will lead them. These vaunted democracy has long been decaying, dying, mired in a life of luxury and pornography. And our people is not licit. Our people have always put forward from their midst one who knows where to go.

I was the first time he suspected that the one he is referring to himself.

Now some say that he came to the West, so much has changed. I say he’s always been like this. One day, I remember (this time, by the way, he also ate barley porridge), we talked about Afghanistan and I said that this war is terrible. And he said, terrible, but necessary. Because when we zapoteco run, we will still need access to the Indian ocean.

I told him:

Simic, before you worry about the access to the Indian ocean, you should at least a little output from your basement, put in order. Boards some would put, and that in fact it’s a mess that can drown.

16. Anticipating the question of style “author and show how your staircase looks, and start with yourself” publish a photo of their entrance — the picture is not too new, it flowers three times more. Not super-cool, but just neat and clean is an ordinary Belarusian staircase in the center of Minsk.

Ужасы российских подъездов

Such cases.

What do you think — why in Russia such filthy hallways? Maybe there’s really Obama’s peeing at night? Write in the comments interesting.


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