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The hit of the day: train passengers fighting over a donut

Хит дня: пассажиры поезда дерутся из-за пончика The donut became a “stone “of stumbling”.

In the train EN route on Saturday from London, the passengers, obviously, were drunk, several times started a brawl. With new strength, a fight broke out after one of the men on the train on the head put a doughnut.

One of the passengers videotaped the whole absurdity of what was happening. It is noteworthy that the first combat came women, men tried to separate them. Then, one of them was placed upon the head of bakery product. I took it as an act of Supreme insult, the man got into a fight, which, after stopping the train continued on the platform of the train station.

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It is noteworthy that after the appearance in the police car, there was silence, nothing reminiscent of passions raging in the train a few minutes ago.

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