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The history of St. Petersburg pensioner, severely detainee at the meeting on 9 September

История петербургского пенсионера, жестко задержанного на митинге 9 сентября

At rallies against pension reform September 9, tougher police and Regardie acted in Petersburg. Many remember the case of the detention of an elderly person at this event. On the way to the paddy wagon, the man lost points, but inside he felt sick. Rain found this participant. His name is Yuri Sternik and he was 80. About him and other victims at the rally in St. Petersburg — Evgeny Zobnina.

A Sunday rally against pension reform in St. Petersburg was named the most violent. Among them are the elderly and children. A real symbol of protest was Yuri Sternik, 80-the summer pensioner.

Yuri Sternik: the Condition in General is pretty decent, the only thing left is the marks from the police hands that carried me.

Starink started going to protests in 2011, immediately after the Duma elections. His own invention — hat-poster. With it he’s at every rally stood in the pickets. Yuri all my life I worked as engineer at the Izhora plant and only a year ago retired.

In the bus, where they drove the detainees to the pensioner became bad, he lost consciousness. It carried on the hands, waiting for the ambulance the COP Meryl Yuri pressure. At the hospital Sternik made a complete examination, but the bruises to notice didn’t want.

Yuri Sternik: I wanted to fix these things, they said no, we only with the permission of the authorities, if you want to have you fixed, then we leave you here in the hospital, tomorrow there will be bosses. I say no, I disagree.

Yuri — cancer patients, he has chronic lymphocytic leukemia, but place to sit. 15 years ago Sternik together with neighbors defended the Park at the house, which was built on their own, even Valentina Matvienko withdrew the decision on demolition. He protested the Gazprom tower “Ohta-center”, was a member of the election Commission. Now writing letters and petitions, sending money to the headquarters of the Bulk. Fortunately, the pension allows about 30 thousand for the 57-year-old experience.

Another participant of the rally is also a graduate of the Polytechnic, as Sternik, and also protested against “Okhta-center”. Egor Karpenko in the mid-2000s went abroad to study theology, and returned to Russia, decided to recall the old days. What got in the back. Egor trauma to the spleen, and such a blow could be fatal.

Egor Karpenko: these security forces — I don’t really know who it was, they were in solid black armor, helmets, batons and rubber without any insignia. Who is not clear. What office is not clear. It is not clear whether they are on duty. Maybe it’s actually civilians dressed like that. It is not clear anything.

At the rally Egor met with the developer Vladimir, and together they tried to leave the square free for the only the street, but they took in the ring. Vladimir was not so lucky — he got in over his head.

Vladimir Osipov: We had a fight, then we fit these black straight flush. After a while, not saying anything, they begin to press on us after 30 seconds, take the sticks and start to swing. We turned around, because I didn’t want them to fight on equal terms, and I got hit in the head. The blood on the back, the neck all red, the phone is also covered in blood.

Helped other protesters: give water and peroxide, found the emergency room, told the lawyer. The guys ran up to a COP asking for help, but ignored them. But today they returned from the police station and was surprised how easy it took their statements.

Among the victims at the meeting were the journalists. Photo correspondent of “Rosbalt” Alexander Polukeeva got a concussion. It was pinched between the hitch Riot police and protesters.

Alexander Polukeeva: me when I began to realize at all, waving batons, fists, right over my head, so I don’t know which side, gets hit on the head.

In the hands of Alexandra was the blue sleeve with the inscription press and all the necessary badges. But it couldn’t save her.

Alexander Polukeeva: I think this is due to the fact that there was a mixture of very strong, not only the police, but Regardie, some cadets, very young children.

Who knows what will happen in a week, September 16. On this date planned another rally against the pension reform, only from the democratic forces of Petersburg. On the same square of Lenin. Yesterday the government reported that the pipe needs to be repaired until the end of the month, so this protest action is declared inconsistent. Half of those injured are nursing their wounds and preparing to go out again.

Vladimir Osipov: I could walk there, but will be more careful, because to get a second time on the head is starting to hurt.

Yuri Sternik: the 16th? Yeah, okay, well, why should I? I have the spring his wife died, I’m free as a bird.

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