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The history of modern Cinderellas of the world: is it hard to be the wife of a king

Истории современных Золушек мира: тяжело ли быть женой короляThe Queen of Britain has hired a special person who watched over the length of the skirts Kate Middleton.

Every girl since childhood dreams of becoming a Princess. But only a few can try on the Royal crown in real life.
How to actually live a modern Cinderella? For some of them the Royal title has become a real burden? And even brought to a crippling depression? Because it turns out that the royals also cry.

For a Grand wedding in 2011 was watched by the whole world. The daughter of marketing Manager Kate Middleton became the wife of Prince William.
However, members of the Royal family was not happy with sister-in-law-commoner.

And for the sake of a title change, it had itself in the first place: Middleton declined the opportunity to vote and work. Every publication under the watchful sight of the press. For the sake of perfect appearance, the Duchess needs a minimum of three times a week to visit the beauty salon, and even to watch your diet.

Moreover, they say, every outfit Middleton has to reconcile herself Elizabeth II. The Queen hired a special person who watched over the length of the skirts Kate that they did not rise above the knee. Recently, she also forbade the Duchess to wear shoes with wedge heels, deeming it unfeminine.

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And prohibitions in clothes – the little things! Kate is not allowed to name daughter Diana. Queen Elizabeth chose to granddaughter name to Charlotte.

But the “Japanese lady Di” Masako never tested Royal glory.

The daughter of a Japanese diplomat Prince Naruhito was chosen among 30 candidates. But the fortune of the Princess ended.

Masako was not able to get pregnant – all attempts ended in miscarriages. It took 8 years before a woman gave birth to a daughter. But this seemed only to increase the problem, because the Japanese throne is not passed through the female line. Therefore, the failure of the woman to give the Prince an heir was the cause of terrible depression Masako.

The woman ceased to appear in public. Subsequently, close to the Imperial family, the doctor said: the Princess is “shingles”, “mental and physical fatigue” and “non-adaptability syndrome”.

“Since my marriage I tried to do everything I was capable of, being under huge pressure in an unfamiliar environment. I think my illness was triggered by the accumulation of physical and mental fatigue,” – said the Princess.

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But Princess Amira al taweel gave to break his steely character and became a sensation in the Muslim world.

Amira al taweel met with the Saudi Prince al-Waleed at 18. She came to him to interview and could not resist the charm of her future husband. And his journalistic career she did not quit and after marriage. In addition, it is also the first Princess who refused to wear the traditional Abaya.

The Princess even his own car was, and this in a country where driving a car a woman can for two weeks to put in jail.

It seems such confidence and chutzpah Princess became the reason for the dislike of the Royal family. Relatives of the Prince repeatedly threatened the massacre Amir and tried to break the Prince’s relationship with wayward beauty. The result 2014 of steam under pressure of relatives al-Walid divorced.

But for millions of women the Princess Amira is still a symbol of equality and freedom from tradition.

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