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The Hippo saved the antelope, caught in the teeth of a crocodile. Video

Бегемоты спасли антилопу, оказавшуюся в зубах крокодила. Видео Brave animals rescued the unfortunate antelope that almost tore apart the enraged crocodile.

Visitors to the Kruger national Park in South Africa witnessed an amazing showdown animals. The antelope nearly became the prey of a crocodile, but at the moment when fate first seemed a foregone conclusion, to her rescue came the hippos.

Judging by published online videos crocodile grabbed the antelope’s leg, when she came to the waterhole. The unfortunate animal long resisted, but when he got in the water, realized the hopelessness of their situation, and seemed just ready to meet death.

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It is worth noting that a few antelopes and zebras watched from the shore.

For some time the development of events followed and a couple of hippos. But when they realize that in battle the forces are not equal, we decided to be on the side of the weak. The crocodile immediately let go of the antelope and sailed. Gross received an ovation witnesses an amazing incident.

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