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The higher the degree, the easier it is to find a job as a cleaner or janitor

Чем выше ученая степень, тем легче найти работу уборщицы или дворника

Two-thirds of Russians living in poverty are families with children. At risk of poverty — not only the unemployed, but also students, pensioners, people close to retirement age… These findings prove the utter failure of the social, labour and demographic government reforms in recent years.

Russian poverty, child face

Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal government Tatyana Golikova made another loud statement: “the Level of poverty of the population of Russia is directly connected with the level of education”. The clerk referred to the Rosstat data, which annually calculates the risk of poverty for different social groups.

It is a relative concept: it shows how likely one or another social group may poverty compared to the General population. For example, the highest risk of poverty (1,59) workers with only General education, and the lowest (0,07) — those who received postgraduate education (i.e. candidates and doctors of Sciences).

For those who have only a high school diploma, the poverty risk is 0.51, while for those who have secondary professional education — 0,89. If you look at these figures (which, of course, for most people incomprehensible), it turns out that education in contemporary Russia is another factor of stratification of the population.

Meanwhile, Golikov deliberately silent about the fact that the probability of impoverishment is not dependent on education. It turns out that at risk of poverty (again, according to official Rosstat) there are people close to retirement age, and men and women under the age of 30 years… and especially children.

Deputy Prime Minister Golikova can not know that two-thirds of poor families are families with two or more children, but prefers aloud these shocking findings are not sound. Because it would mean a statement of complete failure of demographic government reforms.

— The risk of poverty for families with children is 1.6 times higher than for other categories of the population. Therefore I speak: Russian poverty, child face. The second largest population group with a high risk of poverty — it is the student’s family without children. And just behind them were the families of people who are just looking for a job, says the Director of the Center for studies of income and living standards of the Higher school of Economics (HSE) Lilia Ovcharova.

Every fifth works with “Packed suitcases”

Golikova colleague in government, Minister of labor, Maxim Topilin yesterday on passing in Moscow the Gaidar forum made a further statement, he says, to solve the problem of poverty in Russia should simultaneously 800 billion. The figure clearly astronomical, which to the layman to generate certain impression: that kind of money from government — and thus the problem of poverty will never be solved.

Yes, and it is obvious that even if all the poor to distribute budget manuals to “pull” them to the level of bezbednosti, sooner or later the problem of poverty persists. The money people will drive, and to find a new job still will be impossible.

— People are worried that education is becoming another factor of social stratification. According to Rosstat, the risk of poverty is reduced only for those citizens who have received higher education. Therefore, the school must provide knowledge and skills sufficient for continuing education, says the Chairman of the party “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov.

But can the school prepare the worker, a competitive labor market? Concerned whether the government, in order to give a professional training to people at risk of poverty are pensioners or young mothers? Everything is limited to only declarations…

But what to say about pensioners, even if people with a good education sometimes can not find work on a speciality! Did the employer will take the position of janitor of the academician than a person with average education, if no other vacancies, and miserable wages?

It is flatly stated by the experts of the Ranepa, conducted last fall, the all-Russian sociological research “Availability of development resources”, with 43% of respondents admitted that their work does not correspond to the education received, while 22% admitted that they could lose their jobs (including 17% in the category “specialist of higher qualification” and 19% in the category of “head of organization or structural divisions”).

This is the innovation economy, which wants Golikov, if every fifth superior pros works with “Packed suitcases”?!

Bodrov: the level of poverty is associated with economic problems

— The aspect of poverty we cannot look only from one angle! It is a social phenomenon, wide, voluminous. It is directly related to the condition of the economic system and economic-political course of the state — explains the “Free press” senior analyst at the information-analytical center “Alpari” Anna Bodrov. — The level of poverty in our country is directly linked with a small number of jobs to be created anew, and only partial employment in the workplace.

Thus employers are under constant pressure from the authorities and the tax authorities to reduce their staff costs but retain jobs, at least in a truncated form. This is a necessary measure.

To find a second job or a part time job in the regions, for example, is not as easy as in Metropolitan areas. So not the fact that with increasing level of education the chances for a job with higher pay will rise.

For the elderly in Russia have the options of retraining, but they are quite narrow. Besides, older people are difficult to stimulate, to develop new skills — they lived, based on different values and have a completely different idea about the basis and stability than the current generation. The growth of social capital is a process that takes decades, not speed up.

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