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The heroes of the new “Texas massacre” and their connection with the old films

You probably know that recently released “the Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface” is a prequel to the original film of Tobe Hooper’s 1974. And if you have watched the film, you probably noticed a few obligatory Easter eggs to the original source. But do you understand how closely tied this story with the entire series?

Cited for you a special guide to the characters of “Leather face” that unite it with previous installments of the franchise.

And to start…

Ted Hardesty

A familiar name? You could hear it in the first “Texas chainsaw massacre”, because the main characters name was only as Sally and Franklin Hardesty. Cute girl and her brother was an invalid in the company of friends travel to Texas to check their grandfather’s grave. All relatives Sally and Frank lived in these places, so it is not surprising to see in the prequel someone from the family of Hardesty, but who exactly has Ted Hardesty their descendants from the feed Hooper?

Meets Alexander druz screenwriter Seth M. Sherwood:

Yes, Ted Hardesty — dad Sally. There had to be another scene, but decided to remove for reasons of limited budget. I don’t know if the last name is called Ted in the movie, he shows up briefly. But the farm of his grandfather Hardesty was only a few minutes ‘ walk from the Sawyer, so…

So, in his youth, dad of Sally and Franklin crossed paths with a family of Sawyer and suffered heavy loss after this meeting.

Grandpa Sawyer

Well, that was easy! Learn the granddaddy in the new film it is not difficult, since he is still able to use their favorite hammer. But in the original Hooper and filmed his own sequel to the elder Sawyer recalls the eerie dried-out mummy, which in some unimaginable way saves lives, feeding on the blood of the victims presented to him.

What do you think about a whole movie about grandpa Sawyer? I think that would be awesome!

Drayton Sawyer

In the first part he was called “old man” and “chef”, but we found out later that his name is Drayton, and he is the elder brother Leather to the face. In Hooper’s novels, this character was magnificently played by Jim Sidow. He tries to control the younger, so they did not attract attention to their ill-famed house. However, his eyes sparkling devil’s light, he’s just as prone to violence and is probably even more dangerous than the family because able to pretend to be normal.

But in the prequel Drayton is still young and does not hold itself, and to pay for his sins have on others.

Nubbins Sawyer

Aka “the hitcher”, he is Edward Sawyer. In the tape, 1974, this played by Edwin Neal. His character joins the guys in the van, talking nonsense, taking pictures, waving with a straight razor and generally makes them horror. He later appears again in history, to enter a rage on full. He would have been even closer, crossing the road in the wrong place…

I must say that “Leather face” I didn’t see him, and he was there, as it turned out, was. Flashed in the frame, his red birthmark on his right cheek.

Verna Sawyer

The head of the family, a domineering and cruel woman, Verna Sawyer-Carson, responsible for many crimes. It not only covers their children, but she teaches the path of sadism and madness. In a recent tape of her role is played by Lili Taylor and he did it very convincingly.

In addition, Verna Sawyer briefly appeared in “Texas chainsaw massacre 3D”, and interestingly, played her Marilyn burns, the same actress that embodies the image of Sally in the first movie.

Hal Hartman

Actor Stephen Dorff has created one of the most unpleasant characters in his career, in my opinion. “Leather face”, he plays a Texas Ranger Hal Hartman, the long warring with the Sawyer. He sends the younger members of the family in a psychiatric hospital, and then chasing them after escaping.

Interestingly, his descendant, Burt Hartman from “3D”, too, hates the Sawyer. His submission begins massacre, which killed nearly all representatives of this surname. Hartman later becomes the mayor of the city, and his son serves in the police. Both of them use their position for personal gain. Well, both get what they deserve.

Thus, as Sherwood says, the image of Hal Hartman was inspired by the character of Dennis hopper from the second part:

From “Texas massacre 2” I have borrowed a few things. Of course, the names of the characters. In addition, in many ways, the idea of a corrupt, mentally unstable Texas Ranger, judging vendetta against Sawyer, and spawned Hartman, the real villain of my story. Like Lefty, he’s getting revenge on Sawyer for what they did to his family.

As you can see, now fragmented franchise becomes stronger, it produces a more or less coherent series leading from the beginning of the original Tobe Hooper. It’s not just a very entertaining bloody movie, but an important element in the overall story. Oh, and most importantly, now Texas massacre has got a face.

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