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The health Ministry suggested how to choose a family doctor

В Минздраве подсказали, как правильно выбрать семейного врачаThe Ministry of health shared in the regulations.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine has published a step by step instruction on how to choose a family doctor.

As stated on the Agency’s website, every Ukrainian can choose a therapist, pediatrician, or family doctor in any medical institution, and the money for health services to pay the state.

“While assigned campaign (the process of selecting the doctor and the conclusion of contracts) is in pilot mode. And the start date of the all-Ukrainian campaign will be determined after the law No. 6327 is signed by the President”, – the Ministry informs.

Step one – decide with your doctor

The easiest option – you know a good doctor, served him and was pleased with the results. If a doctor you have not yet found, ask relatives, neighbors, friends, colleagues – perhaps they had a positive experience in outpatient family medicine or clinic that suits you geographically.

You can also contact the local health Department. It will tell you which doctors in your locality or area. Another option is just go to any medical facility and meet the doctors. Information about them can be obtained from the local health Department or directly at the reception. Some medical institutions already have their own websites with such information.

Remember that now you don’t have to go to the doctor “strictly according to the registration” – you can choose a doctor that works at your house, work, and the like.

Step two – sign the Declaration

The primary care facilities, staffed by family physicians, sign a contract with the National health service, patients – Declaration of physicians who have chosen for themselves.

The Declaration is signed in perpetuity, that is, you will not need to re-sign it every year. On the other hand, if you decide to sign an agreement with another physician, you will be able to do it at any time.

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The documentation required for signing of the agreement with the doctor – the passport and identification number. If you sign a Declaration with the pediatrician (or family doctor who will serve your child), you’ll also need the birth certificate of the child and documents (passport and ID) both his parents or guardians.

The doctor will enter your data into the system, print the Declaration you will sign two copies (one of them is you), and from this point you can go to the doctor at any time.

Important: carefully check the details before you sign the Declaration. The Declaration will appear in the system after dual authorization: the doctor will ask you to call code that will be delivered to you via an SMS message. If you do not have a mobile phone, the doctor will take a picture or scan your documents to attach them to the Declaration. Only after this Declaration will appear in the system.

In the case of vacation or illness, your doctor needs to be replaced – another primary care physician or institution of primary health care. If you need help while you are in another city, please contact the nearest school of primary health care.

One doctor can serve up to 2 thousand patients. A number of patients recommends the Ministry of health. There may be exceptions, for example, when a doctor works in the village, where more than 2 thousand people. So if you are sure you have found a good doctor, don’t waste your time, because it may simply not be places for new patients.

Step three – contact if needed

You will be able to consult your doctor with any questions related to health. As international experience shows, the majority of health problems can be solved at the level of primary care, especially in the case of timely treatment. In addition to direct examination and treatment, primary care physicians, if necessary, will also give referrals to narrow specialists, to prescribe medication, including under the program “Affordable medicine” (free medicines at the pharmacy, paid for by the state), and any medical certificate, for example, in the pool, and the like.

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Therefore, from these considerations, it is better to choose a doctor who practices near you – this will save time on the road.

Step four – don’t give bribes

In 2018, the school employs a family physician, will receive a direct annual payment for each patient who signed a contract with him. It is planned that in 2018 the average payment for primary care will be about 370 UAH per patient, in 2019 – 450 UAH . Practice 2 thousand patients can bring annual income of 740 000 UAH to 1 million UAH. This budget includes office rent, payment of work of the doctor, the nurse (paramedic), simple supplies, and partial coverage of the tests. About half of these funds – costs of practice, everything else – wages of employees (physicians, nurses, paramedics).

These rates institutions of primary health care will pay the state precisely in order to have health workers had decent wages and that the money is not paid by the patients, as is happening now. So going to the doctor, remember that this is not a free service, for which you put “thanks” in the pocket of the doctor. It is a medical service paid from your taxes.

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