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The head of the Ulyanovsk police Yury Varchenko developed the alcohol business

Глава ульяновской полиции Юрий Варченко развил алкогольный бизнес

The leadership of the regional Department of internal Affairs of Russia has accused the organization of illegal business of manufacturing and sale of counterfeit alcohol, the residents complain of the dominance of crime and rampant teenage gangs.

Community activists organized pickets in the regional center, expressing their indignation at the police. In addition, the Ministerial Commission, has recently finished its work in the regional subdivisions of law enforcement agencies found a variety of distortions and inconsistencies in the official report, signed by the head of the Ulyanovsk police.

27 years of “impeccable” service

The official biography of major-General of police contains indelicate wording that Yuri Varchenko “…perfect for in the internal Affairs of the twenty-seven years.” Amid numerous scandals, which regularly faces power Ministry of the Ulyanovsk region, such evaluation activities as reflected on the website of Department headed by it, is somewhat surprising.

However, a senior security official career began far from the Volga region – in the Chukotka Autonomous district. There he rose through the ranks from simple security guards to the chief of regional Department of the MIA. The post Yuri Varchenko held from 2008 to 2013. And the last three and a half years the General-the major works in the Ulyanovsk region.


The audit, organized by order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, Yuri Varchenko made representation about incomplete official compliance. In fact is a harbinger of the impending resignation. From the departmental Committee had many reasons for discontent with activity of the head of the Ulyanovsk police.

First, under the noses Varchenko came to light a whole underground Empire on manufacture of counterfeit alcohol, which was headed by the Deputy chief of regional Department of internal Affairs Lieutenant Colonel Edward Osanin. Is it possible that his immediate supervisor did not know about this place “shadow” business that brought considerable income? That Ministerial authorities doubted it, suspecting that the major General received its share of illegal realization of counterfeit alcohol.

Second, under the leadership of Yuri Varchenko Ulyanovsk the police clearly cannot cope with the situation in the region the criminogenic situation. Organized crime groups hold population and business in fear, in 90-e years of the last century. Many residents believe that over the past three years, the once peaceful and prosperous region actually turned into a lawless territory.

Thirdly, in the Ulyanovsk region recorded real revelry teenage gangs, whose bloody clashes forced the representatives of the local community come out to protest with appeals to the leadership of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs and requirements to restore order.

In addition, the Ministerial Committee highlighted numerous inconsistencies, absurdities and outright falsification in an official report signed by Yury Varchenko. This means, the major-General is trying to embellish the criminogenic situation in the region, having misled the leadership of the Federal Ministry.

Глава ульяновской полиции Юрий Варченко развил алкогольный бизнес

Yuri Varchenko and the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev

Residents of the area claim that the former regional police chief Anatoly Bakayev such ugliness was not observed: the streets were safe, the parks are not burned the car, didn’t kill the business, and certainly not worked underground businesses owned by high-ranking security officials.

Criminal Ulyanovsk

Sharply deteriorating crime situation may interfere with the plans of the government of the Ulyanovsk region in attracting investments. Large companies simply will not risk to invest in projects implemented in the region with such a high crime rate.

Here double flowers bloomed criminal “brigade” with almost forgotten names: “Potapov”, “Zaplavska”, “Filatov”, “Oryol”, “Kusinska”, “Tsentr-KAMAZ”… And local law enforcement authorities almost never respond to an endless series of bloody clashes, attacks on businessmen and deputies, the oppression of the gangsters of the population, the attempts of criminals to build in the region of the parallel “shadow” economy. Instead, the police themselves producing and selling counterfeit alcohol.

By the way, a Varchenko, in UMVD across the Ulyanovsk region was eliminated sixth division, engaged in struggle with the leaders of organized crime. It turns out that the major General is not interested in restoring order in the territory entrusted to him. As a result, the region was under the thumb of various criminal communities that feel more than at ease.

Coming to this province truckers excitedly told that they had to pay local thugs for “protection”. In the case of appeal to the police for help can not count. The failure to meet the requirements of the offenders drivers severely beaten. And this is not a complete picture of criminal lawlessness: in Ulyanovsk successfully developed gambling, feel at ease the drug occur almost daily burning of cars. Everyone knows that this is the work of the OCG, the “roof” of the Parking lot, but not a single criminal case on these facts has not been instituted.

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Meanwhile, in the regional center and in regions not subside shots, the racket flourishes, attacks on businessmen and politicians, local residents and visitors. Ulyanovsk oblast and the case goes to criminal summaries, which tells how the local police tortured, torturing, robbing and killing people. However, the chief of UMVD across the Ulyanovsk region and their subordinates, apparently, nothing to do with this criminal nightmare.

The case of the Chukchi

As it turned out, the passion of Yuri Varchenko shadow alcoholic business started in Chukotka. Various media outlets regularly reported a huge batch of fake alcohol, withdrawn from the trade in this Autonomous district. In the operations to suppress the production and distribution of counterfeit vodka and other spirits, was attended by operatives of the Chukchi FSB.

The same pattern was observed this fall in Ulyanovsk, where a clandestine plant for the production and bottling of surrogate alcohol has covered the intelligence agencies and the investigation was conducted by the staff of the regional SU IC of Russia.

In the remote “bear” it is easy to organize the production of surrogate alcohol. Especially that cheap alcohol-containing raw materials to Chukotka driven and barges, and aircraft – often even under the guise of humanitarian supplies. No problems with the implementation of counterfeit goods. However, the increase of this criminal business in the Autonomous region has been rumors that “black bootlegging” supervised by Yury Varchenko. The inhabitants of Chukotka in the social networks and forums, still remember the bad word police chief, which earned the nickname “Marcello-mafia”.

In Ulyanovsk, which was transferred a senior security official, he also took the opportunity to organize the underground alcohol business. The circumstances allow to assert that during the last three years Yuri Varchenko successfully settled in the Volga region, got helpers, like his Deputy Edward Osyanina, and took the usual bootlegging business.

The media also called Yuri Varchenko man oligarch Roman Abramovich, the former Governor of Chukotka. Argue that a police officer repeatedly and the witnesses were assured of an influential businessman in personal devotion, ensured the protection of his home, hunting house and mineral deposits, which showed interest in the team oligarch.

Hundreds of thousands of bottles of illegal alcohol

Recently on the official website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Ulyanovsk region, it was announced that the former Deputy chief of police for the protection of public order UMVD across the Ulyanovsk region Eduard Asanin is under house arrest. He was accused of committing a crime under part 6 of article 290 of the criminal code (obtaining by an official of a bribe in especially large size).

According to investigators, in the period 2015-2016, the accused repeatedly received through an intermediary as a bribe money for not to prosecute individuals engaged in illegal manufacture of alcohol products on the territory of the city of Ulyanovsk. In recent times, 24 September, 2016, the police received a bribe of 1 million 200 thousand rubles. Criminal activity of the accused was foiled as a result of joint actions of bodies of the Investigative Committee and the FSB in the Ulyanovsk region.

Глава ульяновской полиции Юрий Варченко развил алкогольный бизнес

Former Deputy chief UMVD across the Ulyanovsk region Eduard Asanin

Currently under investigation actions and operational-search activities aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the crime and identified other facts of illegal activities of Edward Thinking.

In the two clandestine business owned by the leadership of the Ulyanovsk police, and the FSB was discovered: 150 thousand empty bottles, dozens of rolls of counterfeit excise stamps, cardboard boxes, corks and labels with the marking of well-known manufacturers of alcoholic production, and also 100 thousand liters of alcohol. And the trading volume of the investigators seized more than 81 thousand bottles of counterfeit alcohol is now ready for transportation and sale.

One of the suspects of involvement in illegal business in the course of interrogation, told the FSB that the above-mentioned bribe of 1 million 200 thousand rubles were intended for Edward Ossyanina for refusing to make a RAID on the warehouses with the production of counterfeit alcohol.

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Of course, such a large-scale production in the regional center was simply impossible to organize without a “roof”. According to reports, the rpm “shadow” production of counterfeit month brought it to its rightful owners up to 40 million rubles. Moreover, these clandestine factories on the territory of the Ulyanovsk region there are not one or two but dozens of them.

For example, last year it was reported the closure of a huge warehouse of counterfeit, which was located on the territory of Veshkaymskiy seed station. There were seized tons of the “left” of tequila, vodka, cognac and whiskey… However, as it became known this warehouse is still working, and quite well. So, the local alcohol mafia continues its activities.

Meanwhile, the conscience of Edward’s Thinking and his accomplices may be dozens of lives. Suffice it to recall that the last time the media reported about the mass poisoning of counterfeit alcohol in the Urals and the Kuban, where could be the supply of counterfeits from Ulyanovsk. In the reports from these regions said that the victims were poisoned by the counterfeit whiskey Jack Daniel’s: fake a famous alcohol brand showed up in the Ulyanovsk shops among other drinks.

Meanwhile, the fact that under the “roof” of the Ulyanovsk Ministry of internal Affairs poured tons of homemade alcohol that was Epavlis residents of nearby areas, able to drown the remnants of the reputation of the regional police. At the same time strike the business and investment attractiveness of the region as a whole.

Teenage gangs

In early December 2016 Ulyanovsk activists organized a few pickets, protesting against the dominance of juvenile gangs in this city and the inaction of the police led by the chief of regional UMVD the General-the major Yury Varchenko. Participants of the picket were the parents of the children affected by the criminal lawlessness.

According to activists, they intend to collect at least 100 thousand signatures in support of the treatment of head NP “Parent meeting” Constantine Dolinina, which will be sent to the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev, the Commissioner for the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova and others in the Federal government. The appeal says about the need to immediately intervene in an unprecedented situation in the region due to the dominance of juvenile gangs, rampant crime and the inability to ensure the safety of hundreds of thousands of minors.

Глава ульяновской полиции Юрий Варченко развил алкогольный бизнес

Rally against juvenile crime, a thriving idle Ulyanovsk police

“Established for local residents desperate situation in which the inhabitants of the city and region fear for the health and the lives of their children, but cannot find protection and justice from law enforcement agencies, forces us to look to you as a last resort, is able to influence the situation, to tell the truth about what is happening to the leadership of the interior Ministry and the country’s leadership”, – the appeal reads.

The residents of Ulyanovsk and other cities in the region are afraid to take to the streets by nightfall: from twilight to morning, the province fully transferred into power as adult organized crime groups, and gangs truculent youngsters. Local MPs and public figures once again sounding the alarm, declaring the inaction of the police, merging law enforcement with crime, rampant violent involvement of children and adolescents in youth gangs, extorting money from law-abiding citizens.

Obviously, for the leadership of the interior Ministry of Russia and the Federal center in Ulyanovsk has a very unpleasant hue. The scale of the social problems associated with rampant crime and the incapacity of the local police, so palpable that it is time to speak about sharp decrease of trust of citizens to all branches of the authorities.

The main negative result of the activities of the General-the major Yury Varchenko for the posts of head of Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Ulyanovsk region is that seconded Chukotka police officer negligently or deliberately allowed the rampant crime in the region. And it covers the underground business of manufacturing and sale of counterfeit alcohol even more spoiled attitude of the population towards law enforcement.


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