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The head of the Ministry called the main obstacle to IMF loan

Глава Минсоцполитики назвал главное препятствие для получения кредита МВФReva said that the Fund does not require anything exorbitant.

The Minister of social policy Andrei Reva called the deficit of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, one of the biggest obstacles to obtaining a new IMF loan.

This he said on air of the Ukrainian channel.

Reva Minister announced that the IMF is “not a charity”.

“In fact, the Fund does not require anything exorbitant. He’s not a charitable organization. He lends us the money. But he must have guarantees that the money will return. In this case, he, as a lender, draws our attention to the problematic aspects of the system that we have. First of all, we are talking about the financial problems. Today the biggest financial problem is the deficit of the Pension Fund”, – stated in the message.

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Reva Minister also noted that for the loan, Ukraine must reach agreement with the IMF.

“The lender makes its own proposals for addressing the problematic issues that he sees. Accordingly we are in discussion on how we will solve this problem. If you don’t want to listen to our recommendations, then please offer your. Convince us that your recommendations lead to the same goal in a different way. Therefore, we are now discussing. We say that the path that we have set, for us it is not proper. We believe that there is another possibility to reduce the pension Fund deficit,” said Reva.

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