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The head of the exorcists called on Catholics to ignore Halloween

Глава экзорцистов призвал католиков игнорировать ХэллоуинThis is no joke, and the occult, said the priest.

Catholics urged not to celebrate Halloween. Halloween night is “not only a joke,” said the President of the International Association of exorcists, a priest Francesco Bamonte, pointing to risks to children: at some web sites for kids there are links leading directly to satanic and occultists sites.

“Social planners of evil – notes Bamont, you know that children, accustomed from the first years of life to the language and imagery of the occult, as adults, are at risk to join the occult as such that new generations can be an alternative to Christianity.”

In turn, the priest Aldo’s Buonaiuti, the coordinator Service of fight against sects, explained in an interview with Vatican Radio: “October 31 is the eve of All Saints. Even the word ‘Halloween’ should not be used as it is, unfortunately, bound to another modern phenomenon, with the new year of Satanists and occult glorification of the world together with all its gloomy horrors. We Christians celebrate the feast of All Saints, that is, people who lived for real, and not ghosts, zombies, vampires and monsters: we celebrate the heroes who gave their lives and remained in the history of Christianity because of their ability to change historical events in the direction of kindness.”

The priest notes that Halloween involves a mixture of different aspects that can not be criticized by Christians, starting with its commercialization.

The exorcists are convinced that even the “entertaining” part in Halloween may lead to the world of the occult. “But it is not necessary to go to extremes, adds the priest of Buonaiuti. – It is dangerous to see the devil everywhere certainly, but it’s also dangerous for the opposite, that is, to reduce, to turn into banality and to underestimate what can open the door in a rather dangerous world. The Director of Service of fight against sects noticed that often in children’s entertainment are adults who deliberately seek to attract children to the occult.

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