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The head of the Center “e” Timur Valiulin resigned. He found a property abroad

Глава Центра "Э" Тимур Валиулин подал в отставку. У него нашли недвижимость за границей

The head of the MIA in the fight against extremism Timur Valiulin submitted his resignation, announced the head of Department Vladimir Kolokoltsev. The media reported his resignation in early December and linked it with the fact that Valiulina found undeclared property abroad.


“This is a purely staff matters, which are now in practical execution,” said the Minister at a press conference, answering the question of resignation Valiulina.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has appointed Valiulina head of the main Department for combating extremism of the interior Ministry (also known as Center “e”) in 2012. According to the regulation on the interior Ministry, its top management is appointed and dismissed from office by presidential decree.


Prior to this, Valiulin four years led the centre to combat extremism of the Moscow police.

In October 2017, Valiulin offered to punish parents and teachers for the participation of children in protests.

In April of this year, the U.S. Treasury made Valiulina, and more than 20 Russians to the sanctions list, accusing them of involvement “in destabilizing activities of the Russian government”.

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Care Valiulina resign, Russian media reported on 11 December. As wrote “Kommersant”, his dismissal is due to the fact that the Declaration about your assets and income for 2011 he does not have an apartment in Bulgaria. According to the newspaper’s sources, this property Valiulin purchased prior to 2010 and sold in 2012.

About the overseas property police became known after its divorce with the former wife Galina Mikheeva, who works in the Moscow cupola MIA. Because of property disputes between former spouses Mikheev decided to inform about the undeclared property Valiulina Ministry of internal Affairs, interlocutors of the edition speak.


RBC reported that Mikheyev wrote a letter to the Deputy Minister the General-the Colonel Mikhail Vanichkin, in which he spoke about the alleged undeclared property of ex-spouse not only in Bulgaria but also about the house in Italy.

According to the law “On service in bodies of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation” submission by the police officer knowingly false or incomplete information on the property is considered gross misconduct, the violator shall be subject to dismissal “in connection with loss of trust”.

The source of RBC in the Central apparatus of the Ministry of interior clarified that Valiulina dismissed with the formulation “for trust loss”. “Kommersant” reported that the presidential decree is not yet signed, but the document is precisely this formulation. Another source of RBC argued that Valiulin quit on their own.

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